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Low-Key Bachelorette Parties | "Low-Key Bachelorette Parties"Have a Relaxing and Enjoyable Send-Off into Married Life

Lately, I've been hearing a lot about bachelorette parties from co-workers of mine. Whether they are to be a guest at one, planning one, or the proud honoree, they’re quite excited for the fun that is sure to await them. Now we all have an idea of what a bachelorette party entails whether we’ve seen it on tv, attended one, or were just the unsuspecting onlooker while out and about. It’s the (hopefully) last night of being single, so a huge party with friends, fun and sometimes embarrassing games, is most likely what you’ll find. For some people, this type of party may not be ideal, and for those, I have put together a few ideas for a more relaxed and casual, but still fun, bachelorette party.

Wine Time. Do you and your friends enjoy wine? Maybe a wine tasting party would satisfy your pallet. Check out a few of the nice bars or restaurants in your area to find out if they have any upcoming wine tastings. Getting dolled up to go to a nice restaurant with your closest friends while relaxing with a glass of wine might be the perfect way to spend the night.

Ride in Style. What about renting a limo for your bachelorette party? It's a great way to get around town in a comfortable, luxurious vehicle with your friends. Pick a few  of your favorite venues to stop at along the way and make home your final destination with no worries about driving.

Happy at Home. Want to stay at home for the party? Make it a fondue night and have everyone bring "fondue foods." Snacking and gossiping with your girls will always be fun. Add in some colorful specialty drinks and a couple cute get-to-know-you games and you’re all set for a night of fun.

Delightful Day Spa. Need a relaxing getaway? The wedding is coming up quick and a spa trip may be just what your bridal party needs. Skip the alcohol that will have you feeling yucky the day after, and choose a relaxing, head-to-toe massage, mani/pedi and/or a gorgeous sun-kissed tan that will have you and your girls looking and feeling gorgeous for all of those photos that are sure to be taken on the big day.

No matter your style, you can have a bachelorette party that is perfect for you. After all, the party does revolve around you. Make sure to express your thoughts to your maid of honor who may be planning. Have the party that you want and it will be the perfect send-off into your blissful new life!