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"Gorgeous Menu Cards"Why you need a menu card for your event

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMay 2007

Menu cards are not a new trend, but one that is making a comeback. The reason for this is that menu cards add a touch of class to any place setting and these days, can be ordered in almost any shape or color. The purpose of the menu cards is to show your guests what will be served, and presenting options if they have them. Also, it is an extra touch that will impress guests, as menu cards convey a sense of formality and elegance.

Choosing a menu card for your event adds an extra touch to the place setting and can compliment your color scheme. The newest menu cards are round and sit in the center of your plate. When shopping with Invitation Consultants, you can also select menu cards by color or style.

Many struggle with what information should be included in your menu cards. All you need to include is a title for each course, such as salad course, entrée and dessert course. Your titles and courses will depend on what your mean entails, hors d'oeuvres and an appetizer course can also be added. Under these titles, list what is being served.

Here is an example of how to word your menu card:

Salad Course
Greek Salad
A traditional presentation, made with shaved parmesan cheese, kalamata olives and garlic, with Greek Vinaigrette

The Entrée
Pan Seared Salmon
With a tropical pineapple glaze
served with mixed greens and rice

The Dessert Course
Vanilla Cake with Wild Raspberry filling
Cappuccino or Italian Coffee

At Invitation Consultants, we offer a wide variety of menu cards, and also make many suggestions to brides and event planners trying to decide which menu card is the best for their event.

Here are some tips when deciding on your menu card:

  • Know the colors used in your color scheme. If it's a hard color to match, consider using a white card and either a neutral ink or a shade close to the color that you are using.
  • Consider using a block style font for the main wording and then accenting the courses by using a script font, printed larger.
  • Make the menu card unique by printing a logo or graphic on top. This concept has been highly publicized recently by celebrity wedding and event planners.

When choosing whether or not you need a menu card, note that menu cards add to the "wow" factor of any event. Sometimes, it is the small details that guests remember, and a menu card is a great example. Invitation Consultants has menu cards in a wide variety of styles and colors. Add some flair to your event with a menu card!