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"New Trend - Moving Announcements"Why you should invest in a moving announcement

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJanuary 2007

When you move, there is a time period where no one seems to have your new address, only the old one. Some friends or relatives may not even be aware that you moved. Eventually, this time passes, but providing your new address and phone number can be time consuming. For these reasons, printed moving announcements are rapidly becoming a must-have, as they save time and headache for you, your friends and family.

The basic job of a moving announcement is to provide your friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances with the news that you have moved and your new address. In addition, you can list your new phone number and email address, if wanted. The time that a moving announcement saves is much needed for those who are in the process of moving.

Wording for your moving announcement is usually short and to-the-point. Some choose to have a verse printed on the top. Here is an example:

We've packed up boxes
lamps, and chairs...
our home is somewhere new
We couldn't leave and settle in
without telling you

However, some moving announcements simply say, "We've moved to a new home!" Either way is acceptable. After this, you can list your names and new address. Below your address, feel free to list phone numbers and/or email addresses. If you feel that some of the recipients may not have this information, then you may want to include it. Shortly after you have moved, you will want to mail out your moving announcements, to provide your new address as soon as possible.

Invitation Consultants has an entire line of moving announcements, so you can find the perfect one for you. Our collection of moving announcements uses a wide variety of themes to make your moving announcement unique. Many of our announcements use keys, front doors, moving trucks, boxes, sold signs, and much more to complete your moving announcement. The moving announcements are also very affordable, but still use professional printing and fun themes to make your announcement beautiful. At Invitation Consultants, we also provide you with wording examples in our Wording Section online to give you additional ideas for wording your announcement.

When you are moving, the last thing that anyone wants to worry about is giving their new address to their friends and family over and over. This is where moving announcements make your life easier. Because you send the announcement to your friends and family to keep, they are more likely to keep the moving announcement and refer back to it for your new address. Plus, with all of the new designs available, you can announce your move with a bit of style and color! Let Invitation Consultants announce your move for you!