Not Your Grandmas' Retirement Party

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Not Your Grandmas' Retirement Party | Fun Ideas to Get The Party Started After Retirement

Do you have a friend, relative, boss or co-worker that is nearing retirement? Retiring is such a great accomplishment that is definitely worthy of a celebration. Now that the guest of honor is retired, they can really plan to go out and do all of the things they enjoy without anything holding them back. Throw them a party that will kick start this exciting part of their life!

When you’re working full time, often it is difficult to hold very many hobbies at once. Some of you may dream of the day you can spend all of your time reading all of the books you intend to read. Many people who retire plan to do something in particular with all of their days off. Some might plan on fishing, golfing, skiing, traveling, fixing cars, sewing, gardening – the list goes on. What does your guest of honor truly enjoy doing? Using that hobby as a theme is a great way to get them geared up for this exciting time in their life. If your “retiree” enjoys fishing, the invitation Gone Fishin' is just perfect way to set the tone for their Fishing Themed Party!

Business as Usual
Is the guest of honor retiring from the corporate world? A “business” themed party is a fun way to say buh-bye to suits and ties. Hang ties around for décor and even make streamers out of them. Tell the guests the attire is “business casual” and to have some fun with it (dress pants and sneakers, suit coat tied around the waste). At some point during the party, call a “staff meeting” and give a little speech or reward to the guest of honor, congratulating on their life of contribution. The invitation Oxford Tie would be perfect for this one!

Bon Voyage
Help your guest say “Bon Voyage” to the daily grind. Throw a cruise ship themed party! Decorate with typical (ugly?) cruise ship effects, like tropical flower table cloths and maybe some plastic coconut cups containing tropical drinks and umbrellas. Have a buffet style dinner table set up with a variety of different foods. Have fun with it; pass out leis, beach towels, and cheesy looking visors - the works. If you’re feeling really generous, have everyone chip in on a cruise for the guest of honor, and present this to them during the party!
Congratulate your retiree on a life full of hard work by throwing a party that will remind them the best is still yet to come!  These fun party ideas will help get you on your way to a hopping Retirement Party in no time.