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"Perfect Wedding Programs"How to find the right wedding program for you

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJanuary 2007

As much as brides want beautiful invitations, they also want beautiful wedding programs. They represent your wedding and are a way to give your guests more detailed information about your wedding party. Wedding programs also let your guests know what the wedding ceremony will consist of. Because wedding programs are a great keepsake of your wedding, many brides set out to choose programs that reflect the wedding itself- from fun and colorful to traditional and sophisticated.

When choosing your wedding program, you may want to decide the type of program that you would like. Many times, the program can match the color and theme of the invitation or Save the Date. Invitation Consultants categorizes your wedding programs to make finding your perfect wedding program easy. Brides can choose wedding programs by season, or even choose tropical or colorful programs.

The wording of wedding programs varies from program to program. Traditionally, the front or beginning of a wedding program includes the full names of the couple getting married, the date of the wedding and the wedding location. However, many of the newer wedding programs include this information but not on the front. Wedding programs should contain the progression of the wedding ceremony and the names of the bridal party.

The most personalized wedding programs contain not only the names of your wedding party but also a paragraph about why you wanted them to stand beside you on your special day. Many guests love this because although they may know you or your fiancé, they may not know your bridal party. Couples often decide to include a note to thank both sets of parents and to all guests for attending. This is a good idea, if your wedding program can accommodate the space needed. Another idea is to include a memory section for deceased parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. If your ceremony will include musical selections, you can also include this information, and lyrics if they are meaningful to you. If you can think of anything else that is personal to you and your fiancé, such as a poem, quote or story, feel free to include this in your wedding program also. Your guests will appreciate the information and will make them feel involved in the ceremony.

Presentation of your wedding program is another aspect to consider. You can be as creative or as traditional as you wish with this, but there are many ways to distribute your wedding programs. For a tropical wedding, you can set each program on each chair, and set a shell on top. Another idea is to incorporate the feel of your wedding through the way that the programs are displayed, by adding a spray of the wedding flowers in the background, or something else that represents the wedding. A friend or family member can distribute your wedding programs to your guests as well. Choose the option that you feel the most comfortable with.

Your wedding program, like many other parts of the wedding, should represent you and your fiancé, as well as the theme of your wedding. Personalization is key, and providing your guests with more information about you and your fiancé, as well as your bridal party will only serve to make them feel a part of your big day. You are also given a great opportunity to say thank you to your family. Take advantage of these opportunities by using your wedding program to your advantage.