Personalized Notepads

The perfect sorority gift!

March 2012 by Courtney

Sorority events generally have two things in common across the board: t-shirts and presents! Four years out and there is still a drawer in my life full of these things that I have no use for now, but just can't bear to part with. In a sea of gifts donning your sorority's letters, colors or symbols, it's hard to know which ones will actually be used and which will just get passed on in the next round of gifting. I think our personalized sorority notepads might be the perfect sorority gift! It's inexpensive, personalized and most of all its useful!

One notepad will inevitably find a home on your desk. Before I started keeping my personalized notepad on my desk it was just a mess of post-it notes! It gives you one place to jot everything down like notes while you're researching, details from emails or an online shopping wish list.

The second one would be helpful in so many other places! Keep it in your bag for class and use it to keep track of homework assignments or for notes at chapter meetings. Add a magnet and keep it on the fridge in the sorority house for grocery lists, chore lists or just to leave little notes for your sisters! Hang in on your bedroom door for 'while you were out' notes or any other thoughts and doodles your neighbors might have.

The best sorority gifts are those that have your sorority letters, are personalized and are more useful than a decorative wall hanging or painted paper weight (both things I had). Personalized sorority notepads are the best gift because you know that nobody has them already and everyone could use a set! We also have personalized stampers, luggage tags, stickers and stationery that would make great gifts for bid day, birthdays, holidays or any big or little in your life! Happy gifting sisters!