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"Table and Place Cards from A-Z"How (and why) to use table and place cards

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMay 2006

You walk into a wedding or party and are not sure if you should sit next your friends or if the host has different plans for you. Suddenly, you see a table with cards on there and you see your name and table number, you feel relived that you are guided in a direction. Many know that table and place cards serve an essential function: to make the transition to brunch, lunch or dinner easier for guests. However, it can be confusing trying to figure out whether or not you need these cards. You may ask yourself if they are necessary or if you can do without them. We, at Invitation Consultants, want everyone to know and understand the place of these cards in your next event.

Place and table cards are small cards that can be printed. The purpose of these cards is to show your guests where they are to sit at an event. The difference between a place card and a table card is the table card assigns your guests a table and the place card assigns your guest a seat. In the case of a table card, you would want to order cards that include a line for the name of the guest and also the table number. The first lines of table cards usually are emblazoned with insignia of the event itself. For example, if you are having a wedding, the place cards would say the bride and groom's name, and the date of the event. This is also true for corporate events, Sweet Sixteen parties, or formal birthday parties.

Place cards are used to usher your guests to a specific seat. The setup of the place card would be the same. You would need a line of personalization, specific to the event, an M______________ line for the name of your guest, and a Seat Number line. In this case, you would not need a line for the table number. To use this kind of place card, you would set each place card at the table setting itself. Your guest would enter the hall and find their seat by the place card.

The reasoning behind place cards is at any formal event, it is easier on your guests to have an assigned table, so they know where to go. It provides an easier transition from cocktail hour to the meal. In addition, you can use place and table cards to avoid mini-disasters. If your one of your guests brings a date that they did not RSVP, you can have a table that is not reserved for anyone, but is reserved for situations such as this. You can use these cards to make all of your guests feel included, so that they are not sitting at a "bad" table. Place or table cards also help when a guest is a no-show. You simply remove the card, and fill it with someone from another table. Place or table cards can also be used to seat guests together that know each other, or have something in common. This makes conversation flow easier over the meal.

Invitation Consultants offers a wide range of both place and table cards, to match any event or theme. Not only do we offer lines with designs to match any occasion or mood, but we also offer simple, traditional cards. If you are unsure, choose a simple, yet elegant card and match the ink color to a color used in your event. For example, if you are having a Black and White ball, use a bright white card with an elegant font and black ink.

Not only do place and table cards make any event feel more formal and chic, but they can provide a valuable service to those who are throwing the event. Rather than allowing guests to roam around the hall aimlessly trying to find a place to sit, it provides direction. Use a place card or a table card at your next event!