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Preston Bailey Wedding Invitations | Let Color Inspire Your Wedding Story

We are on cloud nine at Invitation Consultants and it's all due to the fabulous new wedding invitations created and inspired by Preston Bailey!
An internationally renowned event designer who has crafted beautiful events for so many A-list clients, Preston Bailey takes ordinary to extraordinary with his sumptuous and theatrical "art installations."
The purpose of these invitations is to allow the flowers to inspire your wedding and let the colors and bountiful centerpieces act as the basis for your wedding story. For those who dream in color (as I have always done), let these exquisite designs expand your imagination and help guide you through choosing the details of your wedding. We've taken three popular invitations and built a colorful wedding story around them. Let’s explore these ideas in further detail.

The elegant 'Held Dearly' wedding invitation features a green floral background with multiple shades of sages and pops of periwinkle. Green can be translated so many ways from energetic and crisp, to soothing and natural. It is a symbol for growth and renewal, the perfect inspiration as you begin your new life together.

  • Try transforming an unused area to a fresh, modern candy bar.  Fill topiary jars and vases of various shapes and sizes with all sorts of green candies – think green M&M’s, peppermints, lime Skittles, and assorted colors of green jelly beans.  To add hierarchy, try filling one large jar with limes or green apples.  Adorn the table with a beautifully patterned tapestry with all of your favorite green hues, or perhaps a clean white tablecloth, which will allow your candies to pop. 
  • The bride and bridesmaids, as well as any member of the wedding party, can accessorize with green jewels such as emeralds or periods.  Your color palette will become that much more beautiful and complex as you start to mix and match different shades of green based on what each person is wearing.  Carry these bedazzled elements into different elements of your wedding – from napkin rings to wedding favors.
  • A tropically modern cake is perfect for the bride who dreams in green.  Whether it’s square or round, one tier to four, a pistachio cake could be quite delicious.  Or pick any flavor you would like, cover it in delicious fondant in any color of your choosing (perhaps with a pattern), and accessorize the cake with tropical green flowers.  

The whimsical nature of Preston's 'Signature Sweetness' invitation shimmers and blossoms as every bride should do on her special day.  She must feel royally special. Purple can be soft and feminine, or bold and noble. It is a color for all seasons - use lavender hues for Spring and Summer and deep eggplants and fuchsias for Fall and Winter.

  • An extravagant tablescape would be perfect for a royal wedding.  Fill your tables with candles and purple flowers that are in season.  In the springtime, use lilacs, tulips, or sweet peas.  For a summery affair, mix lavenders and freesias.  An autumnal wedding is ideal for deep-hued leaves or dahlias.  Fill your winter wedding with berries.  Some of your springtime flowers might also start to bloom early so be on the lookout for those!
  • For brides who dream in purple, a pair of chic purple heels would look stunning underneath a wedding gown.  Rosy cheeks and a plum-hued lip are perfect beauty solutions for your special day.

The sunny 'Sunflower Fantasy' invitation is vibrant and optimistic. You feel instant happiness from these sunflowers and you can't help but fall in love with the modern design.  It's clean and refreshing, warm and pure.

  • Yellow is a wonderful accent color, which makes it ideal for photographs.  When working with your photographer, suggest parasols, balloons, or anything yellow that you might be able to hold during your photo shoot.  Accessorizing your images with lovely pops of yellow make them extra joyful.
  • Coordinate all of your groomsmen.  We love pairing yellow with a crisp gray suit and white shirt. A navy tie with yellow patterns and a sunny boutonniere are perfect complements to sunflower bouquets and yellow high heels for the ladies.
  • Zingy lemon-tins exude cheerfulness on your wedding day.  Whether it’s sour or sweet, yellow can help you concoct a delicious signature cocktail.

It is easy to see how the lavish and sophisticated designs of Preston Bailey inspire fabulous invitations. Planning a wedding is simple if you have a core idea.  Choose your invitations first and let them create a statement for your wedding.  Take cues from the colors within your invitation and execute them in every decision that you make.  Invitations are the first glimpse your guests have at the style of your wedding. With these artful creations, the first page of your wedding story will take you all the way to happily ever after.  The End.