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"Prom Invitations"How to choose the perfect invitation for Prom 2006

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMarch 2006

Spring is upon us. Soon, the smell of flowers and the sounds of birds chirping will fill the air. The weather will once again become warmer and the sun will shine. Spring also starts the onset of Prom 2006. For millions of high schoolers, this means finding the right date and the right dress. However, before prom can begin, the invitations have to be chosen, which is not always an easy task. However, Invitation Consultants has set out to make the task of choosing invitations for Prom 2006 to be easier than ever.

When you assume the task of choosing a prom invitation, you will realize that there are now more choices than ever. To make the task easier, many schools decide whether or not they would like to reflect the theme of the prom in the invitation. Invitation Consultants offers invitations that would compliment some of the most creative and popular themes of 2006. For example, if your school is holding prom with a theme of Famous Couples, we offer a Disney's Cinderella, featuring Prince Charming and Cinderella. Some of these beautiful invitations are pearlized, showing beautiful silhouettes of Cinderella, her prince, or even their carriage or castle. We also feature a line of Mickey and Minnie Mouse invitations, showing Disney's most classic and well-known couple, which is a perfect compliment to this original theme.

Another popular theme for 2006 is Starry Night or Under the Stars. This theme can create a magical environment for prom, by using shades of midnight, black and navy for decorations. Also, paper lanterns can be incorporated, along with tons of twinkle lights to act as stars. For the invitations, any invitation that features foil stars would reflect the theme. Another way to reflect this theme is with your color of ink. By choosing gold or silver ink, you can also convey the mood of this theme. Any theme can be used for invitations by Invitation Consultants. Some of the most popular of 2006 include Black and White Ball, a Night in Paris, an Evening in Italy, or a Masquerade.

On the other hand, there are many invitations that can be used regardless of theme. These invitations convey a timeless sense of elegance with luxurious stocks and classic designs. Most of these invitations are bright white or ecru, however, many feature an element about them that is a modern twist on a classic invitation. For example, some have embossed or pearlized borders, or even a colored border. Some have a classic design or graphic theme that gives the invitation a sense of style without being too trendy. Another popular choice is choosing an invitation with a simple gold or silver border and choosing the ink to match your theme or school color.

Another way to make your prom invitation stand out is choosing two fonts for your invitation. If you would like to make certain lines stand out for emphasis, you may choose a secondary font at no extra charge. We will print selected lines larger in the font that you choose at no extra charge. To do so, when ordering, select the main font that you would like to use. In the Special Instructions section, please specify which lines you would like to place emphasis on and also which font that you would like to use. This concept is shown in many of our samples online, for reference.

In conclusion, due to the growing number of creative prom themes of 2006, we offer more prom invitations than ever, that will compliment and set the mood of your prom theme. However, a classic and elegant invitation never goes out of style. Make Prom 2006 special, down to the invitations!