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"Save the Date Announcement Trends"How to make your Save the Dates make a statement

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJuly 2006

It has been said many times that the invitation is the first association that guests have with a wedding. As everyone knows that invitations are very important, it is actually your Save the Date Announcements that will be first seen by your guests. For this reason and many more, many brides are making their Save the Dates more of a priority than ever before.

Part of the reason that brides are getting more and more creative with their Save the Dates is because of the fun, colorful and creative designs that are being featured on Invitation Consultants. Every color and theme imaginable is available in a Save the Date from tropical to calendar, and even an event ticket! You can even include information about travel and accommodations with a travel/accommodations card. These enclosure cards simply provide your guests with hotel information as well as information about local attractions that will be helpful in planning their trip.

Save the Date announcements also very fun to choose, as you can incorporate aspects of your upcoming wedding into the motif of your Save the Date. An obvious example is if you know your colors for your wedding, feel free to choose a stock or an ink color that reflects this. Another idea is to incorporate the locale of your wedding, such as if you are having a destination wedding in Las Vegas, you can choose a Save the Date that incorporates a slot machine, a pair of rolling dice, or even a Las Vegas skyline, depicting the bright lights of The Strip.

Another idea is if you are having a holiday wedding, use an invitation that utilizes a shimmering silver stock, a candy apple red stock, with an elegant, formal font, or is embossed with an ivy design to convey the holiday spirit. Invitation Consultants offers both a line of Save the Dates for seasonal weddings, as well as destination weddings.

The most popular Save the Dates of the moment is photograph Save the Dates! These Save the Dates incorporate the key to a memorable Save the Date- personalization. Also, there is no better way to showcase your engagement photographs, or a personal photograph taken shortly after the engagement.

Another Save the Date trend is Save the Date magnets. The practicality of these Save the Dates is the main attraction, as even the most disorganized guest can simply stick the magnet on to their refrigerator and thus, remember the date of your wedding, which is really the point! Some of the most popular Save the Dates that Invitation Consultants offer is a Save the Date photo magnet, which covers both the magnet and the photograph trend.

Save the Date scratch-offs are also growing in popularity. These are cards which incorporate the date of the wedding, which is hidden under a scratch off surface, kind of like a lottery ticket. These original Save the Date announcements are available in various colors and themes. Many brides want a Save the Date announcement that will capture a guest's attention and is not like any other Save the Date that a guest has seen. This is the main reason for the rapid rise of this trend.

Calendar Save the Dates is another trend this year which is rapidly gaining popularity. These Save the Dates can be either card or magnet stock. They generally show the month of the wedding and highlight the wedding day. Many use a heart to go around the wedding day. Some include a cardstock where a calendar magnet is placed, which is a perfect place to provide relevant travel or lodging information to guests.

No matter how large or small your wedding is, a Save the Date is a creative way to let your guests know about the big day. Because this is not your actual wedding invitation, you are free to use more unexpected ideas, or to incorporate your wedding theme into the Save the Date. Let your Save the Date set the mood for the big event, yet to come!