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"Season of Love"Winter Wonderland Wedding Details

Author: Reilly - Clent Relations Coordinator November 2007

As the holidays quickly approach, many of you may be thinking of where the past year has gone. Did the time fly, leaving you with warm memories of times with friends and family? Did you face challenges that may change your life forever? If you are planning a winter wedding, you may have experienced things in the past year that you never could have imagined. Between the joy of celebrating your engagement, to the stress of coordinating a momentous occasion that may include many intricate details, you may be counting down the days until you and your new spouse can ring in the new year as a married couple. You may even be thinking, why would I have a winter wedding with all of the other obligations that the merriest season brings with it? Simple, weddings lavish with dripping icicles, falling snowflakes, and the opportunity to wish your friends and family a happy holiday as you say "I Do," are fabulous.

So, indulge yourself in the glamour of winter weddings with our top five winter wonderland wedding details:

  1. The tunes - There are so many Holiday songs just perfect for a wedding waltz. Channel your inner blues bombshell with Baby It's Cold Outside by Ella Fitzgerald. Toss the garter to Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt, or the updated version by country chickadee Kelly Pickler. Have your bridal party dance to All I want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. Later in the evening stir a sultry mood with Christina Aguilera's rendition of Merry Christmas Baby.
  2. Snowflakes, snowflakes, and more snowflakes - Whether you live in Vermont or Palm Beach, you can emphasize the popular winter motif in so many ways. Consider an ice sculpture. They may seem dated, but the trend is reemerging as event designers create interactive ice martini luges that can be topped with a small snowflake ice design. In place of fashionable paper lanterns, hang papier-maché snowflakes lighted by icy blue Christmas lights. Snowflake favors, with snowflake seals easily coordinate accessories. Don't forget your cake, with a snowflake cake topper atop smooth white or ice blue icing.
  3. The fashion - Bridesmaids donned in shimmering ice blue and groomsmen in matching ties is perfect for a winter soireé. Red may be incorporated with bridesmaids in red satin and groomsmen in classic black and white tuxes. Classic red rose bouquets hand tied with white lace can be embellished with green hypernicum berries, or even holly berries. For a truly daring and fashionable move, consider an all white wedding. If your wedding gown is intricately embellished, your bridesmaids can defy wedding law by wearing simpler, yet elegant, white gowns. Now that would fulfill anyone's dreams of a white Christmas.
  4. The menu - Think of family favorites that you look forward to year after year. A turkey dinner with all of the trimmings is unique and sentimental. Create a holiday cookie bar by displaying cookies on different size platters. Make sure to have milk, as well as someone around to serve it. Rich warm drinks in cordial glasses with candy canes for stirring are perfect for a post dinner drink.
  5. An activity - Encourage guests to participate with a scheduled activity. Perhaps singing a Christmas carol after the toasts can ease the mood and get everyone ready for dancing. One of the most exciting new trends is renting a photo booth. For a less expensive option, create your own with a Polaroid camera and a wintery backdrop. To create laughs, hang mistletoe within the picture frame, and photograph guests expressions as they decide whether or not receive a Christmas kiss.
Cherish the moments of your winter wedding, because the season full of love and hope is such a terrific time to tie the knot!