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"The Seasonal Wedding Guide"Incorporate your wedding season into your wedding

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJanuary 2006

It is becoming increasingly common to incorporate the season of your wedding into the colors, invitations, flowers and centerpieces. Many brides plan their weddings to occur during a season that corresponds with the color scheme that they would like to use. By doing this, you can create an atmosphere for your wedding that reflects the feeling of a season.

Weddings that occur in the fall usually incorporate colors such as taupe, burnt sienna, mocha, or wine. The idea of using leaves to accent a fall wedding can be reflected in many aspects of the wedding, including the invitations. Natural invitations using an elegant leaf design are common. You can achieve this by either using invitations that have one unique element, such as one maple leaf at the top, or invitations that have leaf theme throughout the paper. Some of the most elegant invitations for fall come from our Red Leaf Collection. Pressed leaves and flowers accent these exclusive invitations, which convey a sense of luxury. Another way to incorporate a fall leaf motif is in your centerpieces. Using floating candles and multi-colored leaves in clear glass bowls uses the rich colors of fall, and is an inexpensive centerpiece. For your cake, the latest trend is to use an icing with rich chocolate tones, accented with pale pink detail and flowers.

Spring & Summer
Spring and summer weddings have always been popular, drawing upon images of sandy beaches, relaxing days and sunny skies. The relaxing, carefree attitude of spring and summer should be incorporated into your wedding. Think of colors like periwinkle, sky blue, lilac, or sage when selecting your invitations. Classic designs in these beautiful colors convey a sense of elegance and simplicity. The latest trend is adding something unexpected into your invitations, whether it be a small shell or flower design at the top of your invitation. Unique ink colors, such as fuchsia, give a colorful flair. For spring and summer weddings, using a centerpiece full of freshly cut flowers in a clear vase is the perfect compliment to either a spring or summer wedding. Roses, calla lilies, peonies or hydrangeas are gorgeous, fragrant flowers that your guests will love. It is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate multiple types of flowers into your centerpiece, or use different shades of the same color flower in a centerpiece.

The feeling of the winter weddings is one of celebration, and by using the colors of the season, you can achieve this festive atmosphere for your guests. Decorating with seasonal flowers, such as poinsettias, gardenias and sweet peas will add color to your winter wonderland. A trend that is increasing in popularity is using decorations with a classic Hollywood feel, such as hanging white paper lanterns from the ceiling, and using twinkle lights as accents. This season is the ultimate in elegance; convey this feeling to your guests. Winter colors could be anything from cherry, silver, or classic white to hunter green or gold. To incorporate these colors into your invitations, choose invitations that use sheer overlays or are accented with snowflakes. White on white layers or invitations that include silver ribbons could be a perfect choice for your winter wedding.

Seasonal weddings are a perfect way to add the spirit of the season into your wedding. Each season has a completely different feel, from the calm and carefree summer wedding to the festive holiday winter wedding. From invitations to décor, it is easy to use any season to add to the atmosphere of your wedding.