The Forecast Calls for a Shower

How to Throw the Perfect Weather Themed Baby Shower!

February 2012 by Reilly

Weather themed baby showers remain ever-popular for mommy's-to-be of bouncing baby boys and girls! The theme is a simple and sweet play on the concept of a baby 'shower' and can be easily executed through adorable details- from the baby shower invitations to the themed snacks and games.

Here are some tips for throwing a perfect shower, no matter the weather:

  • Umbrellas everywhere
    Umbrellas are a classic motif on shower themed baby shower invitations and would be lovely to work into the details of the event. Consider hanging umbrellas upside down throughout the space, or over a special area, like the gift table. Another idea would be to create umbrella themed décor with either an umbrella rubber stamp or some DIY details. Umbrella-themed bunting would be quite cute- simply stamp or paint an umbrella shape onto triangular pieces of paper and string them together with your favorite ribbon or twine. Other motifs to consider would be raindrops, sunshine, and puffy blue clouds.

  • Throw a Little Sprinkle
    Some mama's who have older children in their family may like to incorporate the older siblings in the shower. A sweet way to do this is to throw a 'sprinkle'. Here is some sample wording for a sprinkle themed invitation:

    Baby smiles and giggles galore
    Coleen and Jim are having one more!
    Big Sister Sydney has plenty to share
    This is a "sprinkle" to show that we care

  • Be inspired by the season
    How's the weather where you are? A nice way to tie weather into a baby shower is to focus on the season of the baby's due date. Think punchy floral patterns for spring, bright sunshine designs for summer, golden leaves in the fall, and flurrying snowflakes in the winter. These seasonal elements would be particular easy to tie into the party treats like light and airy coconut cake for spring, watermelon and fruit kabobs in the summer, warm apple cider in the fall, and hot cocoa (everyone's fave!) in the winter.

  • Take these few tips and dream up some weather-proof ideas of your own, and you'll be sure to have a delightful baby shower or baby sprinkle!