St. Patrick's Day Party Tips

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"St. Patrick's Day Party Tips"For the Irish or Irish at heart!

Author: Reilly - Internet Sales CoordinatorJanuary 2008

For the Irish or Irish at heart out there, you may already be thinking green. The rainbow is in the sky, the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow and St. Patty's is almost here. Start your celebration early with some lucky little St. Patrick's Day party tips!

  • Invite your guests over for a wee bit of fun with a spirited invitation. Choose elegant shamrocks for an evening soiree, something hip and mod for a fun party with closest friends or something cute for a children's event. Your invitations should be both festive and informative so make a note on the invitation that guests should wear green!
  • Go for a classic Irish menu- Irish stew, Irish soda bread and corned beef and cabbage. Finish it off with Irish Coffee.
  • Green punch, green beer, green cupcakes... the list could go on! Anything that comes in green or can be changed to green is perfect. Green napkins with a shamrock design and your family's name printed on them add a personalized touch and can be kept as souvenirs!
  • Add a metallic accent to your party décor for a touch of style your guests haven't seen before. Provide gold or silver utensils and float metallic streamers among emerald green balloons.
  • Play traditional Celtic tunes or updated Irish punk rock for your guests to practice their jig to.
  • Provide plenty of party favors. Green boas and kiss me I'm Irish pins are always fun!
  • Come up with a better repercussion than pinching for those who make the faux pas of not wearing green. Have everyone who does not wear green participate in a group musical number. Nothing is better than "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" or "Danny Boy" sung out of key.

Get creative and your guests will feel so lucky to be a part of your St. Patty's celebration!