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"National Stationery Show Trends"Upcoming Trends - Part 1

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJune 2006

The National Stationery Show is an event for invitation vendors to show off the newest lines of invitations for the coming seasons. Invitations from all occasions were featured, from wedding and Sweet Sixteen to bar/bat mitzvah to Holiday 2006. This year's show was amazing, and showed off some of the most creative and original invitations yet.

One of the newest trends in invitations featured at the Stationery Show were layers. Many of the newest invitations incorporated a layer of sheer vellum on top of a colored stock to give the invitation a more elegant look. Many times, the ink color would be used to reflect the color of the underlying stock, however, some of the more bright and original invitations used complimentary ink colors that were not the same as either layer of stock.

Another invitation trend that was evident this year is ribbons. Ribbons were used to add color and originality to simplistic stocks. It was very common this year to see a ribbon wrapped around the invitation and attached in an interlocking way, or layers of colorful ribbons to compliment the stock or colors of the invitation. For example, one invitation featured a wide, satin ribbon in a solid color wrapped around the invitation. Layered on top was a thinner, grosgrain ribbon that featured a polka dot design in bright, summer colors. These creative touches made the newest lines of invitations more eye-catching and unique.

Invitation designs also are becoming more personalized to the couple. Many invitation vendors are now releasing lines of invitations that incorporate a theme of a certain city. For example, some of the newer invitations have a beach theme or feature a city such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. However, these invitations are not limited to these cities. For example, an invitation may feature a picture of Miami Beach, but can be used for a destination wedding that would involve a tropical setting. These invitations are perfect for any destination wedding.

This year at the Stationery Show, creativity and originality made invitations shine. Many had creative adornments; anything from layers of ribbons to even feathers! Invitations featured die-cut windows, that allow a invitation theme, such as a calla lily to peak through. Also, certain color combinations were very popular at the Stationery Show. The combination of mocha and all shades of pink is as popular as ever, as is robin's egg blue and mocha. As fall approaches, the popularity of mocha themed invitations show no sign of fading. Another color that is gaining in popularity is sage, matched for elegant invitations with either bright white or ecru. As always, if you are going for a traditional or elegant invitation, all shades of eggshell, taupe or white are always in style.

The Stationery Show featured so many new trends that it would be impossible to explain all of them in one article. More trends from the National Stationery Show will follow...

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