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"National Stationery Show Trends"Upcoming Trends - Part 2

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJune 2006

With the National Stationery Show featuring so many upcoming trends, we could not fit all the upcoming trends into one article. Read on for more trends from the National Stationery Show!

With all of the new invitations featuring colorful themes and creative adornments, it should also be mentioned that a large portion of invitations were classic and simplistic. These invitations were never out of style, however, this year, they are more popular than ever. The quality of invitation stock can be underestimated; however, this simple aspect can complete an invitation. At the Stationery Show, many vendors introduced lines of these classic invitations, in white and ecru. Some of the most popular classic invitations were printed on seasonal stock, to match your wedding color.

With these classic invitations, the most popular are the invitations that have the luxury stock, but have a twist to make them unique. For example, many of our classic invitations are shown online with a unique format that makes the names or event on the invitation stand out. Some have a sheer wrap to make it unique, or some have ribbons (or layers of ribbons) in unexpected colors.

This year, the popularity of monograms was represented more than ever. Unique monograms are another way to make your classic wedding invitation unique, using the combination of your and your fiancé's names at the top of the invitation. Another popular way to use a monogram is on the informal card. You can use the same monogram as on the invitation, or use something slightly different.

Invitation Consultants offers several different lines of traditionally sophisticated invitations, as well as original elegance invitations, in high quality stock. These invitations are the reflection of the trends at the National Stationery Show.

A major part of the National Stationery Show was the new Holiday 2006 invitations. These invitations utilized the major trends in the invitation industry and integrated them into the holiday invitations more than ever before. Candy apple red, fir green, gold and silver continue to be the classic colors this year for the holiday collection. Manufacturers continue to release calendar cards for the holidays, due to their popularity last year. A trend that is going to be further explored this holiday season is intricate cut-outs in holiday cards. These delicate cutouts are used in the cover of the invitations with bright colors in the inside so that they show through, creating a magnificent effect for your holiday greeting.

In addition, sheer vellum wraps and windows continue to become increasingly popular. Also, ribbon wrapped around your holiday card gives it instant color. This can mean either a wide ribbon or a silver or gold cord, tied around the outside of the invitation. The themes of the holiday cards continue to reflect the holiday season, from Christmas bulbs and presents, to holly and Santa Claus. No theme will go unrepresented in this holiday collection.

The newest invitations for 2006 feature bright colors, layers of stock, ribbons, and are customized to fit your event more than ever before. Do not be afraid to compliment these invitations with funky font choices and bright ink colors. These personalized choices will make your invitation stand out to your guests and set the tone for the event or season.