Stock The Bar Shower

Good friends and good drinks are the ingredients for this bash!

January 2012 by Courtney

With so many couples out there getting married later in life or living together before the big day, people are always looking to alternatives to the traditional wedding gifts, since they might already have a houseful of dishes, sheets and picture frames. Tradition is becoming optional and showers are getting much more creative! Rather than a luncheon with the ladies, many opt for an evening with couples for their wedding shower and a Stock the Bar theme for a celebration. The gist of it is that the guests help the couple will all the liquor, cocktail and barware necessities for a complete home bar!

There are plenty of Stock the Bar invitations to choose from and to get the party started, include a personalized recipe card with it so the guests can bring their favorite cocktail recipe to the bride and groom.

Drinks are obviously a must for the party. Create a signature cocktail for the couple that somehow represents them. Maybe margaritas since they got engaged in Mexico or their favorite wine - something sentimental!

There are some great bar-related games too! Write the ingredients to some traditional cocktails on cards and the guests have to guess the cocktail. Or you show the guests some lesser known bar tools (like a jigger) and have them identify them. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a cocktail challenge where you set out random ingredients and teams have to come up with a drink using them! It could result in a sour drink or two, but will be fun for all!

A Stock the Bar shower is a fun twist on the traditional bridal showers. By inviting the bride and groom-to-be and their friends, you create a whole new party dynamic. An evening shower that’s open to everyone is almost like a preview of the wedding! Good friends and good libations ensure an amazing shower that everyone will remember.

reference: Bridal Shower Invitations