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"Summer Party Ideas"Making the most out of your summer

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMay 2006

Summer is finally here, as well as everything that comes along with it. For most, this means, beach visits, flip flops, sunshine, and barbecues. As this is the favorite season of many, you should take every advantage that summer has to offer, by spending time with family and friends. And what is the best way to do that? By having a summer party, of course!

The most appealing aspect of a summer party is that there are so many ways to throw one! When you think of throwing a summer party, you may think of something low maintenance, maybe involving a barbecue around the pool with lounge chairs and beach balls. This is very common, but not the only way to have a party by any means. Summer parties can happen indoors or outdoors, on a beach or in a city apartment.

The first thing that you will want to do is decide the location. The location is largely dependant on where you live, but don't let your tiny apartment hold you back! A summer party can be fun no matter where you live. Mainly, summer parties are usually held in a backyard, house or apartment, or a local park or beach. Any of these locations can work. In any case, you will need to have adequate space for your guests to eat, sit and talk, etc. This is the only condition necessary for a location of your party.. The rest is up to you! Feel free to make the environment feel summery with tiki torches, paper lanterns, or anything else beach themed.

When planning your summer party, you will want to send invitations out to your guests, even if it is a small group of your closest friends. If your summer party turns into a lobster or clam bake, Invitation Consultants offers a line of themed invitations that would be perfect, featuring crab and lobster themes. We also offer a wide variety of pool party and Hawaiian-themed invitations. Most are in the colors of summer, from lime and teal to fuchsia and orange. Invitation Consultants even offers an invitation in the shape of paper lanterns, perfect for any summer party.

Another aspect of your party to consider is the type of food that you will be serving. Having your party catered is one option, however, most find that cooking for their own party is both cost efficient and fun, especially with the great summer recipes. For example, shish-kabobs is an ever popular idea, and you can use creative summer recipes for this, too. You can incorporate shrimp, cilantro, peppers, pineapple, tomatoes. Also, summer salads can mix anything fresh and summery, such as mixing fresh greens and fruit. If you want to go more traditional, anything on the barbecue, such as chicken or fish, can complete your summer party. Also, feel free to serve creative hors d'oeuvres, such as a sun-dried tomato spread with pita bread.

There is only one reason to throw a summer party - because they are fun and easy. All you need is some friends, food and a little planning. The summer season will go by fast, so be sure to make the most of yours with your summer party!