How to throw an Unforgettable Theme Party
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"How to throw an Unforgettable Theme Party"Ideas for your Theme Party

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJanuary 2006

When you are thinking of throwing a party for any occasion, keep in mind that some of the most creative and memorable parties are theme parties. There are no limits for themes that can be used for a party. The fun part of these parties is choosing the food, music and colors that will make your guests feel like they are in another time or place. Theme parties can be an extremely fun escape for both you and your guests!

A type of theme party that is gaining huge popularity is the Black and White ball. These are very popular for birthday and Sweet 16 parties. Even many corporations are using the Black and White ball theme for their parties. The Black and White ball is unique in its elegance and is a great way to get your guests to dress in their most elegant black and white attire. When throwing a black and white themed party, you would use black and white for all the decorations, down to the tablecloths, place settings and even the food. The invitations that you choose should also reflect your black and white theme. Whether you are looking for a black and white tuxedo invitation, or a classic white invitation with a black accessory, check out our Black and White collection when planning your Black and White Ball.

One of the most popular party themes is the Tropical Luau theme. These parties are very common, because you do not have to have a special occasion to throw one, and they can take little time to plan. Many pool parties have a Tropical Luau theme. Bright, tropical flowers can make your Tropical Luau colorful, and add a sense of uniqueness. You may even want to consider offering your guests Hawaiian leis. Also, ask your guests to wear Hawaiian-inspired clothing, or offer grass skirts to your guests. As far as beverages, feel free to get creative with Piña Coladas, Mango Daiquiris, or any pineapple-based drink. As far as invitations go, think bright, tropical colors like turquoise, lime, and strawberry pink. Some of our most popular invitations are in the shape of flip-flops, feature serene beach scenes, or are accented with tropical and Bird of Paradise flowers.

The Las Vegas Casino Night theme is another that is gaining popularity. There is no comparison to the thrill of casino style games at these types of parties. Supply your guests with games, such as Blackjack, Poker and Craps. Some choose to distribute their own "tokens" for guests to play these games with, and award prizes at the end of the night. You could also distribute party favors in a lottery, by having your guests put their names in a drawing when they arrive, and drawing names randomly at the end of the night. The most popular type of food for Casino Night parties is appetizers and finger foods. For the invitations for your Casino night party, blacks and reds are increasingly popular. Many of the newest invitations actually look like playing cards, or incorporate dice or casino chips in their design.

Another idea for a theme party that is gaining popularity is the Mexican Fiesta theme. This theme is not limited to Cinco de Mayo, and can be celebrated at any time throughout the year. Since music is a large part of Mexican culture, Spanish inspired or Mariachi band music adds spice to these parties. Any type of Mexican food can be served for these parties, from nachos and tacos to enchiladas and of course, margaritas. For the decorations, the sky is the limit! Think bright colored streamers, cactus, sombreros, and even a piñata! The invitations should reflect the colors used in the decorations. We offer a complete collection of invitations that would be perfect for any Mexican Fiesta!

For any theme party, there is only one thing that you need: Creativity! Whether you are having a fun Las Vegas Casino night or an elegant Black and White ball, just remember to create an atmosphere for your guests, whether it be glamorous or fun. Throw a theme party that your guests will never forget!