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"Top Ten Party Themes"Creative ideas to use for any event

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderAugust 2007

  1. Martini Theme Party- The reason that the martini party is such a popular theme is because the theme can be used for anything from couple's showers to cocktail parties. It's all up to you! As for invitations, classy martini-themed invitations are the way to go and are easy to find with Invitation Consultants.
  2. Las Vegas Casino Night- If you have a love for the Las Vegas life, then a Casino Night party may be the way to go! Using invitations with a Las Vegas theme to set the mood for your event, you can let your guests know to come prepared for a little taste of Vegas Night. Set up blackjack tables and rent some slot machines to complete your party.
  3. Hawaiian Luau- Looking for a laid-back, fun theme? Then a Hawaiian Luau may be the theme for you! You can incorporate bright, summery colors and Hawaiian cuisine for a truly fun and unique experience. Invitations for this event should be fun, colorful and have a tropical theme.
  4. Masquerade Ball- If you want a theme that is mysterious and intriguing, consider hosting a masquerade ball. Encourage your guests to wear costumes or masks that will add to the feel of your party. Shop for masquerade themed invitations now!
  5. Black and White Ball- Bring out your black and white party attire for a theme that can be used for any event where the feeling is elegance. The décor should (of course) match the theme in black and white, and so should the invitations! Invitation Consultants offers a line of black and white invitations to get your theme underway!
  6. Day at the Spa- Any time you are having a day with the girls, you can have a day at the spa. What better way to treat yourself! Let your invitations be your guide by using one of our invitations with a relaxing spa theme.
  7. Mexican Fiesta- Even if it's not Cinco de Mayo, you can still celebrate like it is! Consider serving traditional Mexican dishes that are sure to please your guests and serve beverages with a Mexican theme! Shop for Mexican Fiesta invitations now!
  8. Barbecue Party- Everyone loves a barbecue! This theme is perfect for laid back parties that don't require any kind of dress code. Carry your theme into the food and serve anything from ribs to corn on the cob! Shop for fun barbecue invitations now!
  9. Winter Wonderland- This holiday season, invite your guests into their own personal winter wonderland party. Your invitations can use whites, blues and silvers to convey the spirit of the season. Carry your theme into the decorations for the party, with silvery shades of winter colors carrying the scheme.
  10. Wine Tasting Party- Treat your guests to the best of Napa Valley with a wine tasting party! All you need is a variety of wines, a great wine-themed invitation and some creativity. Your guests will love this event, whether it is a corporate function or a private dinner party.