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"Travel Accommodation Cards"How to use them for your occasion

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderMay 2007

One of the questions that we address frequently at Invitation Consultants is questions about travel/accommodation cards. What are they? How do I use them? Do I need them? Because travel/accommodation cards can be such a valuable resource for your guests, here are the answers to your most pressing questions about these cards.

Travel/accommodation cards are either flat or fold-over cards that are provided to your guests in either the save the date or the invitations. They basically give your guests valuable information for planning their trip.

Here are some examples of wording for your travel/accommodation card:

A block of rooms have been reserved
for your convenience at the following hotels:
Grand Hyatt
Courtyard by Marriott
Please reference the Smith/Jones wedding
Hilton 800-254-8755
Group Code:J1485
Weston 888-658-9999

Atlanta International
Serviced by Delta and Southwest

The basic principals to include in your travel/accommodation cards is if you have reserved a block of rooms for your guests, you will want to let them know the name of the hotel, contact information and provide them a coupon code, or let them know to reference your wedding when making reservations. Providing your guests pricing for each hotel will also be helpful. If you are having a destination wedding, you may also want to include the nearest airport so your guests know when making their travel plans. You want to give your guests any relevant information that will help them while planning their trip, including if there are any events or festivals that are going on at the same time as your wedding, so they know to make reservations as soon as possible.

Another common question is when travel/accommodation cards should be sent, in the formal invitation or the save the date. There is not an etiquette rule associated with this, however, if you are planning a destination wedding where the majority of the guests will be traveling, you may want to include this information with your save the date announcements. However, if you do not have an abundance of out-of-town guests but are offering a discounted room rate, it is acceptable to include your travel/accommodation card in the wedding invitation.

Travel/accommodation cards can also include information about local attractions and happenings. Your out-of-town guests will view your wedding as a vacation, and will most likely want to take advantage of attractions that make your location unique. Your travel/accommodation card is a great way to give your guests some ideas.

The role of travel/accommodation cards is to give your guests a starting point when making their travel plans. Giving some hotel suggestions or the name of the nearest airport can be very helpful. Your guests will appreciate any suggestions, especially in regards to your big day!