Selecting the Right Wedding Favors
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"Selecting the Right Wedding Favors"The Best Wedding Favors for your big day

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderAugust 2006

When it comes to your wedding day, any bride-to-be will tell you that every detail is carefully planned. This is certainly the case with wedding favors. Traditional etiquette suggests that it is proper to give your guests a wedding favor to show your appreciation for their attendance. As time has passed, the idea of wedding favors has progressed. Now, more than ever, brides have more exciting and fun choices for wedding favors.

For couples choosing their wedding favors, there are so many choices today that it can become overwhelming. Here are some tips to think of when choosing your wedding favors that may make the process less painful. First, you may want to decide if you want to select a more traditional wedding favor or if you would like something more original or contemporary. Many brides want to follow the generations before her and select printed matchboxes or favor boxes with treats inside. The selection of matches and matchboxes carried by Invitation Consultants is astounding. We also offer a wide variety of favor boxes in almost any shape and color imaginable.

The color of your wedding and table décor also come into play when selecting your wedding favors. Whatever favor you choose, make sure that the colors match your table settings. Another idea to consider is if you are thinking of using favors that may be a little more expensive, instead of giving each guest a favor, give each couple a favor. If you have single friends, stick with one favor per person. This will cut the cost slightly and allow you to potentially stretch a thin budget.

If you are considering a unique or contemporary wedding favor, the only problem you will encounter is deciding which one to choose! The latest wedding favors are customized to fit almost any couple's taste or wedding theme. One of the most popular ideas this year is to create personalized CDs, using songs that are special to the couple. These CDs are relatively inexpensive to make, and the music contained on them can be enjoyed by all! Try to use music that both young and older guests would enjoy. Invitation Consultants feature CD jackets that are the perfect packaging for this favor. Personalized stickers complete with the couple's name and wedding date would make the perfect finishing touch to this very unique wedding favor.

Many other original wedding favor ideas could be perfect for your wedding. To give your guests something that they would almost certainly use, many brides are turning to picture frames as favors. Another idea is to have printed lottery ticket holders, complete with your names and wedding dates. This is an especially relevant idea if either the bride or groom loves to gamble, as this incorporates your interest as a couple. It is also increasingly popular to give your guests mints with printed stickers on the cover with your names and wedding date. For destination weddings, we sell sand and shell favor bottles to match the beach atmosphere of your tropical wedding. Cookie cutter favors can be given to each guest. These are great for holiday weddings, because they can be used to make Christmas cookies. For coffee lovers, Invitation Consultants features individual bags of coffee in various flavors for your guests. Also, candy and gum wrappers can be purchased and printed with the bride and groom's name and wedding date.

Wedding favors are basically a fun and creative way to thank your guests and give them something to remember your wedding day by. There is no better way to give your guests something memorable as a token of your wedding than with a beautiful wedding favor that is reflects the wedding itself.