Quiz: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Invitation
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"Quiz: Finding Your Perfect Wedding Invitation"Take our Quiz to Discover the Right Wedding Invitations for You

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderDecember 2007

Not sure what invitation category will work for your wedding? The invitation that you choose should reflect the mood and feel of your upcoming wedding. Depending on the style of your wedding (and your style in general), InvitationConsultants.com has a category of wedding invitations that would fit your wedding perfectly! Now, if you could only find the right category... We can help you with that too!

Take our wedding invitation quiz to help you find the category that is perfect for you.

  1. Your wedding and reception location is:
    a.  A museum, refurbished mansion, etc. We wanted a place that is a little off the beaten path.
    b.  Our wedding will be in our place of worship and our reception in a ballroom.
    c.  Outside in a garden. We wanted to use the beauty of flowers and nature.
    d.  The Caribbean, Mexico, Las Vegas, Napa Valley, or anywhere on a beach.
  2. The flowers that I am planning for my wedding are:

  3. a.  Colorful and fun, used in an interesting or unexpected way.
    b.   Roses, Calla Lilies, Stephanotis or anything that says "wedding."
    c.  Pink or White Peonies.
    d.  A local flower from our destination, something to convey the area of our wedding.
  4. My own style tends to lean towards:

  5. a.   Anything new or trendy. I love fashion magazines and try to keep up on the latest styles.
    b.  Tried and true styles that are tailored with a modern twist
    c.  Anything girlie and feminine.
    d.  Clothing and accessories that appeal to my active and adventure-seeking lifestyle.
  6. My ideal honeymoon would take place:

  7. a.  Milan... Syndey... Tokoyo... or anywhere with a great nightlife.
    b.  On a cruise or anywhere with sun and a sandy beach.
    c.  In Paris, the most romantic city in the world.
    d.  At our wedding destination, of course.
  8. My wedding dress is:

  9. a.  An eye-catching gown that is not like a dress that I have ever seen.
    b.  A beautiful A-line dress with intricate beading.
    c.  A flowing dress, made with romantic lace.
    d.  A dress with a short skirt or sheath, not a ballgown.

Mostly A's - Modern or Unique Invitations - No matter what your colors are, your wedding invitations should be as creative and different as you are. You tend to be drawn to things that are not mainstream, so why should your invitations be any different? From creative colors to unexpected die-cuts, you can bet that your wedding invitations are going to be artistic and creative.

Mostly B's - Classic or Traditional Invitations - You may be inspired by the traditional beauty of a wedding, or may find simple lines and clean designs appealing. For your traditional wedding, a classic or traditional invitation is the way to go. The invitation that you choose could be monogrammed, embossed with a pearl border or have a deckled edge, but it will be as elegant as the rest of your wedding.

Mostly C's - Romantic or Floral Invitations - Your wedding is all about romance, from the dress to the décor. The beauty of your flowers are very important to the ambiance of your wedding. From roses to calla lilies and hydrangeas, don't be afraid to embrace the romantic feel of your wedding in your invitations.

Mostly D's - Destination Invitations - Because of your adventurous nature, you have chosen to have a destination wedding. You are using elements of your location as your theme - that is why you chose your location. So, of course you should use elements of your location in your invitation. Choose an invitation that reflects your destination.