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"Wedding Trends 2007"The New Year means new Trends

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderJanuary 2007

As we usher in 2007 with parties and resolutions, we are also ushering in a new year of wedding trends. The weddings of 2007 are moving toward beautiful and clean colors, elegant designs and intricate details. Some things do remain the same, as personalization remains to be key in the weddings of 2007. Keep reading for more of the newest wedding trends of 2007!

Elegance is shown in various ways this year, and one of the most common is through using pearls as an accessory. Pearls are showing up everywhere this year. They are showing up on wedding dresses, hairpins, drop earrings, necklaces, and even shoes. Because pearl jewelry tends to dress up any ensemble and give it a sense of class and elegance, they complete the look of the 2007 wedding.

The underlying theme of the weddings of 2007 is classic ideas with a modern twist. An example of this is using traditional flower centerpieces, but using fruit accents to compliment the colors of your centerpieces. As most brides use seasonal fruit that incorporate the colors of the season, the fruit that grows in the same time of the year generally uses the same color palette.

For example, if you use bright yellows and oranges, ask your florist to use a ripe orange or peach to compliment the color scheme. Use the same concept if you have a purple-themed centerpiece. Ask your florist to insert some deep purple berries to offset your color scheme. To add beauty and a natural finish, leave the fruit on the branch and add the whole branch to your centerpiece.

Another modern classic that is very popular this year is anything black and white. Using black and white together as a theme has always conveyed black tie elegance and a sense of formality, so it is no surprise that black and white is showing up on everything from wedding invitations, place settings, accessories, and dresses. Black and white does not have to be only for a black tie affair, so if you are going for a more casual wedding, you can still use black and white as a theme. Another idea is to use white invitations with black ink (or vice versa) for a classic, clean looking invitation or save the date.

Brides in 2007 are looking for new and original ways to relieve their pre-wedding stress, and more often than not, are turning to the spa for soothing treatments. Not only do these stress-relieving treatments ease the stress of planning a wedding, but they also beautify the bride and her bridesmaids so they look flawless walking down the aisle. Another popular idea in 2007 is to give these treatments to your bridesmaids as favors. This way, it is not only relaxing but a fun event for the bridal party to do together.

Some things will change in 2007 for wedding trends, but some things never go out of style, such as making your wedding as personal to the couple as possible and incorporating ideas and themes that are unique to you and your fiancé. Classic elegance with a modern twist is what weddings in 2007 are displaying. Use some of these themes in your wedding for a fun, modern appeal. Check back in May for even more trends, brought back from the National Stationery Show!