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"Winter Themed Events"How to throw a great winter event

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderDecember 2006

As the weather outside is becoming frightful, the winter themed events are becoming increasingly delightful. Whether you are planning a winter wedding or a holiday corporate event, there are many ways to use this season in your planning to add a festive atmosphere, beautiful colors and great decorations.

One of the greatest advantages to a winter event is the amazing colors and the festive themes that you can incorporate into your event. The colors of the season are the colors that should be used in your event. Your colors should reflect the mood of the season as well as the look: sparkling, warm and rich. Think about the classic colors of the season with a modern twist, such as ice blue, candy apple red, hunter green, royal purple, snow white, burgundy, silver or gold. Because these are the colors that your guests will think of, they are the perfect colors for your winter event.

A theme is another aspect of your winter event, and another opportunity to be creative! Anything that has to do with winter or the holidays can be incorporated into a theme. Feel free to use snowflakes, holly, wreaths, berries, stars or fir as a theme for your winter event. Once you select your theme, you can incorporate it into most any aspect of your event. Use your creativity and incorporate your theme into your invitations, favors, place cards, table settings, center pieces, and more.

Your décor is a great way to make use of the season by using your theme and colors. Lighting is a very important part of the atmosphere of your event, so be creative with it. Use tree lights in white or various colors to set the holiday mood. For a more elegant occasion, use white paper lanterns with tiny lights inside. This soft light sets the mood for sophistication.

Another key part of your event is centerpieces. Centerpieces can be as grand or as simple as you wish, but they do add to your event. You can incorporate your theme and/or colors if you wish. Do this by using a hurricane glass or a glass bowl to showcase anything from poinsettias to pinecones. For an inexpensive alternative, use a glass bowl, filled with water and place floating candles on the surface of the water. For a unique twist, use floating candles in different colors to match your décor.

Invitations to your winter event can be anything from clean and classic to ornate. When choosing your holiday invitations, originality is the key. Invitation Consultants has just released new winter-themed invitations, which you can only find on Our holiday invitations use the colors of the season on shimmering cardstock for a truly unique and eye-catching invitation.

Having a winter themed event can inspire you with some unique and fun ideas to create the mood of your event. The colors of the season sparkle and so can your event! Now, if we could only fix the temperature...