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"It's Your Birthday"Invite Who You Want To.

Author: Jessica - Internet Sales CoordinatorJune 2007

The best thing about birthday parties (besides the gifts) is that you can plan your own party to be exactly as you want it. Birthday parties are a chance for you to celebrate with your family and friends in any way you want! There are many decisions that need to be made when planning your birthday party, the first being to decide what kind of party you would like to have.

You may decide that you would like to have a small, intimate birthday party with just your close family and friends at your home or at your favorite restaurant. If that is the case, you would still want to send out invitations to your guests to let them know the time and the location of your party so that they have ample time to plan accordingly (and buy you a present).

If you choose to have a large party, the most important thing to do is plan well ahead of time, so that when the date of the event nears, you will not be stuck trying plan everything all at once. Send out your invitations at least a month before the event. On your invitations, when you are throwing a large party, regardless of what the event is, it is best if on your invitations you include a respond by date that is at least 2 weeks ahead of the party, so that you can plan accordingly for the amount of people who will be attending.

Once you decide the amount of people that will be attending, the next thing to plan is the actual event itself. Whether you decide to throw a casual party at your house, a formal party at a restaurant, or a party with a theme, your invitations should reflect the type of event that you choose to have.

Invitation Consultants has a wide selection of birthday invitations, ranging from fun and casual to formal and elegant. We also offer many invitations that have themes. Now that summer is coming, you may decide that you would like to have a summer themed party. Invitation Consultants offers many Hawaiian or tropical themed invitations that would work great for a summer birthday party!

You may happen to be planning a birthday party however for someone other than yourself. If you are planning a Sweet 16 or Quince Anos party for say your child or friend, Invitation Consultants has invitations that are specifically designed for these occasions. They range from casual, fun invitations, to elegant and formal invitations. It just depends on what kind of party you would like to throw!

Planning surprise birthday parties for a loved one requires a little extra planning. The most important aspect of planning a surprise party is finding a way to keep the secret from the birthday boy or girl! Planning a surprise party can be a lot of fun. The first thing you would need to plan is who you think your loved one would like to celebrate their birthday with, and how formal or casual the party should be. If your loved one has a favorite restaurant, or a favorite place to go, you may want to hold the party there. Or you can hold the party in your own backyard and just have food and drinks that the birthday boy of girl loves.

Invitation Consultants also offers several invitations with a surprise theme. Make sure on your invitations for a surprise party that you stress the fact that it is a surprise party, so that the secret doesn't get out and ruin the whole surprise! Some other tips to add to your invitation for a successful surprise party are to have your work or cell phone number for guests to RSVP to. Also, have your invitations delivered to your work, and therefore out of sight of your loved one. Last, on the day of the event, have your guests park around the corner from the location of the party. It is also a good idea to send out invitations for a surprise birthday party a little earlier than you might otherwise do, just so you can work out the details of the party, such as who to expect at the party and what role, if any, they may play in throwing a surprise party for your loved one.

Birthday parties can be a great time to have all of your friends and family gather in one place, regardless of what type of birthday party you decide you would like to throw. Whether it is a formal or casual, a large party or small, or even whether is it for you or not, birthday parties are a great time to gather with loved ones!