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How to Have a Victorious Valentine's Day | Ideas to Leave You Feeling Loved!

Valentine’s Day ‘10 is rapidly approaching, and some of us may be eagerly looking forward to celebrating love with flowers, candy and maybe a little romance. Unfortunately for the lonely hearts club, this day might not be so uplifting. Whatever you’re current relationship status is, don’t frown! There are tons of ways to have fun on Valentine’s Day, single or spoken for.


  1. The Gift of Gab: What girl can pass up getting together with her girlfriends to swap gossip? Go out to lunch, shopping or have a girls night at your place! Talk about everything going on in your lives to remind yourself that being single doesn’t mean you’re alone. Let your girls be your valentines this year, and make a toast to each other. Just try not to talk too much about the men who are (or aren’t) in your lives; focus on celebrating your friendships!
  2. Make-a-Memory: Don’t want to celebrate love? Then celebrate life! Do something spontaneous or outside of your comfort zone. Let February 14th, 2010 be a day you’ll never forget, and for a good reason. Go bungee jumping (ahh!), swimming with sharks, or take those snowboarding lessons you’ve been meaning take. Then check that one off your “bucket list” – what can feel greater than that?
  3. Spread It: Spend the day helping others and spread the love. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, or pay a visit to a retirement home with some V day goodies. Helping out and volunteering your time will leave you feeling fantastic, and may even take your mind off of the fact that you don’t have a Valentine (if you care). You’ll finish the day feeling so glad you did it!
  4. Love Thyself: Pamper yourself with a day at the spa. Nothing feels better than getting some royal treatment. Melt away into a hot stone massage or relax while getting a mani/pedi!

Spoken For?

  1. Cheese it Up: Its Valentine’s Day…it’s okay to be cheesy; have a romantic picnic with cheese and wine! Pack a couple of your most favorite bottles of wine, an assortment of cheeses, crackers or a baguette, some fresh juicy grapes – and viola. Lay out a blanket at your favorite spot to get away, and spend a relaxing day picnicking with your valentine.
  2. Couple’s Nite: Have fun celebrating this holiday with others. Invite your coupled-up friends over for some festivities! Play these fun Couples Games and make some delicious heart shaped foods (homemade heart shaped mini pizzas anyone?). Not into the whole hostess with the mostess gig? Then go big, with a night out on the town. Invite your favorite couple friends to join you for a fabulous night in a limo and have a fantastic night out celebrating love and each other.  Limo Love  (item PP-21061I ) would be the perfect invitation to get the word out!
  3. Stay-cation! Get away for a quick weekend trip at a nearby hotel, bed and breakfast or if available book a weekend retreat at a local resort. Some nicer resorts and hotels offer couples massages, or may even have some fun couples Valentine’s Day packages available. You don’t have to go far for a getaway. Even escaping to the next town over will give you the feeling that you are on vacation!
  4. Romantic Re-wind: Celebrate how happy you are to be together by re-enacting your very first date! Make reservations at the same restaurant (and request you are seated at the same exact table!) rent that movie that you saw together, or maybe even pay a visit to the location where you first met. Nothing says romance like a little reminiscence. Don’t forget to cheers to future dates to come!

We all have relationships that we are thankful for. Whether yours are romantic or just friendly, let this Valentine’s Day be one of celebration.