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"The New Unique Weddings"How to make your wedding different than the rest

Author: Jennifer - Internet Sales Coordinator & Team LeaderSeptember 2006

As 2006 continues, one wedding trend is beginning to stand out among all the others. Wedding personalization and originality is key in 2006, and is apparent through all aspects of wedding planning. Because every couple is so different and has such different likes and interests, the most remembered weddings of this year involve creative touches and original ideas. As many brides like to be traditional, the definition of traditional is rapidly expanding.

One of the newest trends in wedding videos is instead of hiring someone to film your wedding, hand out one-time-use video cameras to your guests and let them capture your wedding. This trend is rapidly gaining in popularity because not only will you save money on an expensive video service, but your wedding will be captured from the eyes of your guests, and you are sure to be left with both funny and emotional moments of guests caught off guard.

Wedding Save the Dates are also going from understated to over the top. The more original the Save the Date is, the better. The Save the Date is needed to make your guests excited for the wedding from the beginning, and personalized, ornate Save the Dates set the tone for the event itself. Invitation Consultants feature Save the Dates to match any occasion or theme and are fully customizable.

To make your wedding personalized, there are so many aspects that you can take advantage of. Brides are not only using place cards, but also are writing personalized messages on the back to each individual guest, welcoming them to their wedding. Also, instead of guest books, couples can ask their guests to sign rocks. These rocks are then placed in a vase with bamboo sticks or flowers and adorn the couple's home. Personalized wedding favors are making a comeback. Some brides are using their favorite photos of either the couple or photos that they took while traveling, framing them in beautiful frames as favors. Instead of a traditional favor such as candy or CD's, this is giving something to your guest that is special to you and your fiancé.

Wedding jewelry is also changing to more original designs. Brides are using more antique looking jewelry instead of the traditional diamonds and pearls. The most coveted jewelry has an antique flair and is blue- this represents your "something old" and "something blue!"

Even the appetizers are becoming more personalized and less standard. The traditional wedding can feature cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktails or fruit, but the newest wedding appetizers and meals for that matter are becoming much more personalized. Couples are asking their caterers to serve their favorite dishes, but smaller! For example, if a couple loves hamburgers and quesadillas, ask your caterer to serve mini-hamburgers and small chicken quesadillas with mango salsa. Another idea is to have your rehearsal dinner at a restaurant that is special to you and your fiancé. If you like the small Italian restaurant that is close to your house, then have your rehearsal dinner there instead of the wedding location. This will invite your friends and family into a part of your life together and will feel more personal.

Music is another aspect of weddings that is very important, and can be custom fit to the couple. Nothing kills the mood at a reception like bad music, and for this reason, many brides are writing playlists for their DJ, detailing all the songs to use. The best music to have is the music that was special or important to you during your relationship.

This new, original style of wedding planning allows for brides to use creativity and uniqueness while planning their special day. Not only does an original wedding allow guests a glimpse of your lives together, but guests tend to remember original weddings because they are different and stand out. Don’t be afraid to use some unique ideas when planning your wedding!