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Our professional Consultants are trained to assist you with baby shower invitation etiquette and selection of shower items, wording, ink color, font and envelope choices. Through the years, our consultants have been collecting and gathering information on invitation and baby shower etiquette and tips. This etiquette guide contains the questions our consultants are most frequently asked by our customers.

Q: When should the baby shower invitations be ordered?

A: Ideally, they should be ordered as soon as the date, time and location have been finalized for the shower. It is

best to leave yourself plenty of time (we recommend 8-10 weeks) before the event to make your selection, view

your proof, and make any necessary changes. View our collection of baby shower invitations available in many styles and themes.

Q: What information should the baby shower invitations include?

A: Be sure to include the name of the mother-to-be and/or the father-to-be, the date, time, and location of the shower, the RSVP date and contact information (i.e. telephone, e-mail, or mail). Invitations are the perfect way to either subtly hint or explicitly state the theme of the shower. Most times, the name of the host(s) will also be included on the invitation. In the case of multiple hosts, the person whose home the party is being held should be listed first followed by the remaining hosts' names listed alphabetically. If there are multiple hosts, an asterisk may be placed next to the name of the host/hostess to whom the guests will contact to RSVP and their phone number and/or e-mail address placed towards the bottom of the invitation.


If the expectant parents have picked the baby's name, and they have given you their blessing, you can also include it in the invitation wording. Gift registry information can be included. Hosts should never insist guests use the registry; it is solely the guest's decision what they give the parent-to-be.

Q: Can I see samples of baby shower invitation wording?

A:  For help with wording, please visit our sample wording section.

Q: When should baby shower invitations be mailed?

A: They may be sent up to 6 weeks prior to the shower. You should send them at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event because the response date should be 1-2 weeks before the event.

Q: Should the parent-to-be send a written thank you note for a gift?

A: A written thank you is always appreciated. If the person who gave the gift was not present at the shower, a written thank you is suggested. Proper etiquette suggests the expectant parent-to-be sign his/her own name to the thank you on behalf of her baby, not the baby's name.  This is because the baby obviously is unable to do the thanking themselves.  However, this is a matter of personal discretion.

Although it is neither obligatory nor expected, it is courteous for the expectant (or new) parents to invite the host/hostess of their shower to lunch or invite the host/hostess and their guest to dinner to say thank you for hosting the shower.


Q: When should baby shower thank you notes be sent?

A: Send the thank you notes to your shower guests as soon as possible.  We recommend trying to finish them within 2 weeks of your shower.  That way, the excitement of the event and your family and friends' generosity will be fresh in your mind.  It will help the notes sound especially heartfelt.  Since you will have plenty to occupy your time and energy once the baby is born, sending the thank you notes in a timely manner will make things easier for you as well.

Q: Should a thank you card be sent for lent items?

A: Many times, friends and relatives will lend maternity clothes, baby clothes, and baby equipment to help defer the expenses of a new baby.  For such favors, no concrete repayment is expected.  However, it is a polite gesture for the new mother to give a small gift to show her appreciation (such as a nice plant with a thank you card).  It is always proper to offer lent clothes back unless the person specifically directed you to keep them or pass them on. For thank you notes sent after the baby has been born: generally, the newborn's full name (or at least first and middle names) will appear on the front or top of the thank you card or stationery. View the collection of baby shower thank you cards and baby stationery.

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