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Planning a stellar birthday party

Planning a birthday party can be a fun and sometimes stressful endeavor, but with a little bit of inspiration, it can be a great success. Depending on who the party is for, there are different considerations to make regarding venue, theme and decorations.

A lot of times, birthday parties will have a certain theme they revolve around. For kids, popular themes include princess, laser tag, bounce house, skating or their favorite character. For adults, the themes can range from something a simple as a backyard barbecue or color scheme � all pink 21st birthday or all black for over the hill to something more specific like 80s, masquerade or Vegas themes. Maybe you want to create a unique theme that incorporates a favorite hobby or characteristic of the guest-of-honor.

The invitation is a great way to clue the guests in on the theme. Do they need to wear something specific or bring a food dish that relates to the theme? Another way to integrate a theme is with decorations. Sometimes, something as easy as a few colored balloons, coordinating streamers and a cake will set the tone for a great party. On the other hand, you could go wild creating a fully customized event with crafted party accessories, games and decorations.

In the end, the most important thing is having friends and family together to celebrate a milestone. T

About our Birthday Invitations

Are you throwing a birthday party for yourself or someone else? Set the scene for this birthday occasion. Make this party a memorable event and add your personal touches like your favorite colors and themes like balloons, sports or cocktails. If you're throwing a surprise birthday party the way to keep it under wraps is to send invitations that scream, "SHHHH don't ruin the surprise." Remember, age is only a number, so be proud of how old you are going to be. Choose an invitation with your upcoming birthday number and be proud of earning another year of experience and wisdom. You can also select from traditional and unique papers or consider reminiscing with before and after photos on photo birthday invitations. Or be wild with animal print birthday invites or choose from simple borders. If you are celebrating your little one's special day, choose an invitation with their favorite color, food, hobby or sport. As they bounce around and eat cake, sit back and enjoy this awesome birthday with lots of balloons and confetti. Enjoy the celebration!

Impress your guests before the party with one of our unique birthday invitations. Choose from many birthday themes, decorative designs and brilliant colors. Photograph invitations are also available to create a personal touch. Our favorites are: Sweet Sixteen invitations, invitations with all birthday numbers, and surprise birthday party invitations. Shop all Birthday Invitations

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