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How to create the perfect college graduation announcements

When you think about a graduation, one of the most exciting parts is planning for the graduation announcements. Though some people don’t put enough time and effort into planning these out, they can really make for a special remembrance of a grand occasion. First and foremost think about the type of graduation that it is and then cover all of the important details, but you can take these announcements in a totally different and individualized direction as well. If you put some personality into graduation announcements you are sure to honor the special person they are for.

Sure you want to cover the important details such as the school, the degree, and when they are graduating, but don’t stop there. Be sure that you also cover some of the other details of the person such as what they are doing with that degree—this is often something that most people don’t think about. There are no rules as to what graduation announcements have to be, so try to create your own or customize an existing template a bit.

You may find that featuring a picture of the graduate is a nice way to make these announcements a bit more personal. Add some character to them and perhaps even draw in some favorite colors of the graduate to make these truly special. You don’t necessarily have to be inviting people to a party, but rather just sharing the good news of the graduation itself. That’s what makes graduation announcements so special because you are helping to mark a special occasion and really celebrate through a formal and very personalized way. Make them special for the graduate and something that they will always have to hold onto!

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