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An invitation to understand a First Communion

The First Communion ceremony is a Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant tradition when a child first receives the Holy Eucharist. Most children are between the ages of seven and eight years old when they receive their First Holy Communion.

The ceremony takes place in the church, with many children receiving their First Communion on the same day. The Holy Communion symbolizes the last Passover meal that Jesus shared with His disciples. The ritual began in the early church to remember the sacrifices and teachings of Jesus. The symbols of this ceremony include crosses, the Eucharist and rosaries. Rosaries and prayer books are often given as gifts to the children.

The ceremony is quite formal, with the girls wearing white dresses and the boys wearing suits. Many children pose for First Communion portraits in the weeks prior to the ceremony, wearing their special attire.

The First Communion ceremony is typically followed by a celebration to mark the milestone. The celebration is usually a brunch or luncheon hosted by the family either at the church, family home or favorite restaurant. The First Communion celebration is a momentous occasion in a young child’s religious life.

Invitation Consultants’ First Communion invitations feature the symbols of the ceremony: rosaries, crosses and the Eucharist. We have designs in soft colors including blue, pink, green, purple and gold. Photo invitations have become popular over the years and are ideal to showcase the child’s First Communion portrait.

Truly inviting, our confirmation and first communion invitations are as beautiful as your occasion. Invite family and friends to share in this blessed occasion. Elegant crosses, delicate doves and other religious designs grace these invitations.

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