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Square or pocketed brilliance - these shapes are the perfect fit for your wedding.

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About our Wedding Invitation Shapes

What shape invitation or announcement are you looking for? Petite rectangular wedding invitations make a lasting impression with a petite package. These invitations may come in a small frame, but they are large in what they represent – your big day. Popular for their colors, softness and versatility, they are an excellent choice. Long rectangular wedding invitations offer a contemporary approach to the wedding invitation, its long rectangular shape always stands out in guests' mailboxes. Colorful and traditional colors grace these poised invitations that stand tall with elegance. Square wedding invitations come in many colors and designs. From traditional to contemporary, the square shape can be both elegant and unique. Offered in petite or larger sizes, this shape makes a statement. Jacket or Pocket fold invitations - versatile for its pockets, these wedding invitations are able to hold the invitation and a few enclosure cards. With so much information to present to your guests, these invitations housed in a jacket are a popular choice for this reason. With many colors to choose from for the invitation and jacket, create the look you have been searching for.

Capture your guests' attention with squares, rectangles, pocket folds and more. Impress your guests with unique shaped invitations which truly express your sense of style. From die-cuts to jackets... we are sure to have what you are looking for. Shop all Invitations by Shape

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