Corporate Calendar Cards

By Amy

Here at Invitation Consultants, we spend a lot of time working closely with our customers. As the holiday season approaches, we work with both our individual customers as well as our corporate clients. Sending holiday cards is not only a tradition for families, as a way to send a message to friends and loved ones but for corporations too. Calendar cards are an important tool to keep a company's name in client's thoughts throughout the year.

When personalizing your corporate calendar card, be sure to include the company name, address, and phone number so clients can easily reach you. Logos or signatures can also be added to further embellish the card and help reinforce brand recognition.

In addition to the staying power of calendar cards, many of the cards include photos. Personalizing the calendar card with photos is a great way to let clients see who it is they work with throughout the year. Also, photos of past work can be included to act more like a portfolio and potentially further boost business opportunities.

Send a statement this year with a corporate calendar card! Each card is unique and customizable so you can make it distinctly yours. Make sure to check out our entire collection of 2013 corporate calendar cards!