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About us

It all started in 1999 when Allison, a recent MBA grad left her career in Marketing to embark on a new adventure. She started Invitation Consultants with a laptop and a few stars in her eyes. Little did she know the work and commitment that would be poured into the years ahead. While the company started out during the e-commerce boom; Allison first worked with brides and grooms locally, carrying 25 pound books around town to meet and assist couples. After interest sparked on the simple website her husband created, she knew that jumping fully into an e-commerce website was something she could really excel at. Couples soon turned into grads, moms, corporations, celebrities and more.

In 2001, Allison moved the Invitation Consultants headquarters out of her apartment and into a "real" office decorated with IKEA furniture, modern art and fluffy pillows. She began hiring invitation consultants and in 2002 her husband joined full time. The rest of the story involves long creative days, and evenings dedicated to vision and strategy building.

Today many people ask Allison, "Why did you start an invitation company?" The answer is simple, "Why not....work with fun people who are planning parties and celebrations for milestone events or soirees as simple as backyard barbecues!" Life is meant to be celebrated and our job just happens to be partaking in the planning....everyday!

We create fabulous invitations, stationery and gifts. We pour our hearts into creating and curating each and every design. Passion for what we do drives us. Our wonderful invitation consultants assist customers in selecting, ordering and personalizing. Even though we are not sitting in the same room together, we create that experience via phone, chat and email. Service is our driving force and we love building new relationships everyday.

Invitation Consultants has grown to be a place of opportunity for talented designers, as well as those creative-minded individuals who want to work in an innovative and enterprising environment where growing is not a verb, but a state of mind. An incredible team has been built over the years. With a collective passion for paper, commitment to the community, and love of color, Invitation Consultants has become a leader in the stationery industry.