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Graduation Time - What's Next?

Since the age of five, children have gone to school to learn about various academic disciplines. Children learned to read, write and began to examine various areas of education such as Science, Math, English and much more... read more

Proper Wedding Etiquette

Weddings are one of the most celebrated events in which people can participate and share. They are personal, and the bride and groom should design their special day around their personalities and desires... read more

The Importance of Baptism

Baptism is an integral part of Christianity, making it vital that we understand the meaning of baptism and its place in Christian history. Learn about the baptism of Jesus Christ's early followers, what the Bible teaches us about baptism, meaning and reason for baptism, and why we must obey God's commandments in order to spend eternity in the kingdom of God... read more

A Guide to Planning a DIY Wedding

So there's a wedding in your future - congratulations! Once you've stopped bouncing off the walls in excitement, you're going to embark on one of the most daunting tasks of married life: planning the wedding. Unfortunately, there's a lot of negative social stigma attached to planning a wedding these days... read more

A Guide to Italian Weddings

There are all types of weddings that couples can choose to have involving cultures and traditions of the past. One such avenue is that of the Italian wedding that takes on the cultural feel and traditions of Ancient Rome. When having an Ancient Roman/Italian wedding, all factors leading up to the big day are important... read more

Happy Chinese New Year | Ring in the Year of the Snake with traditional celebrations

Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese holiday of the year. It's just around the corner, this year taking place on February 10. The date of the holiday rotates, since it is based on the lunar calendar. The Chinese New Year celebration lasts fifteen days, ending with the Lantern Festival... read more

Give Back this Holiday Season | Host a "Give Back" Get-together!

The holidays are a time of giving. It's easy to get caught up in gift giving to those around you; family and friends, but it's important to all of us at Invitation Consultants to give to those who might not be as fortunate as we are... read more

Pet Birth Announcements

Throughout the years, pets have become increasingly important in a family's life. Showcasing dogs, cats, and other little creatures is an ongoing trend in the special occasion and stationery industry. Sending pet holiday cards and including the little ones in a wedding ceremony is the norm these days... read more

Valentine's Day Cards | Share the Love

There are so many ways to share your love with those special valentines in your life! You can't send everyone a box of chocolates, so why not a Valentine's Day Card? These sweet little notes let everyone know they're loved... read more

Super Bowl XLVII

This year the sensational showdown will be held on February 3 in New Orleans, Louisiana. With the playoffs currently underway, you can bet on a good time for super Sunday just weeks away... read more

Origins of Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions originate from all across the world. Throughout history, cultures, married couples and their families have created their own traditions. Some of these traditions have faded with the passing of time, but many traditions have continued on for generations... read more

New Year Cards

Every year, we promise ourselves that next year we'll start holiday shopping earlier, start cooking Christmas dinner earlier and order our holiday cards earlier! There's just something about getting caught up in the holiday spirit that makes us forget our holiday responsibilities!... read more

Zodiac Calendar Posters | What's your sign?

InvitationConsultants.com has stylishly crafted watercolor calendars showcasing signs of the zodiac. These exclusive designs are accented by gorgeous typography with unique starry illustrations... read more

Holiday Gift Guide: Teacher Edition | 5 Perfectly Personalized Gifts

There may still be several weeks left until Christmas - but that doesn't mean you have all that time left to shop for everyone! You'll need to wrap up your teacher gift shopping a little early... read more

Trend Alert: Watercolor | Brushstrokes and soft colors are in style!

Watercolor is a sweet trend that has been popular for some time now, and I am very excited that it may become a mainstay among invitations and social stationery. While watercolor is a traditional artist's medium, it has recently reemerged in popularity in fashion illustration, interior design and editorial design... read more

Corporate Calendar Cards

Here at Invitation Consultants, we spend a lot of time working closely with our customers. As the holiday season approaches, we work with both our individual customers as well as our corporate clients... read more

VIP Pass Invitations | Do you consider yourself a Very Important Person?

Here at InvitationConsultants.com, we consider each and every one of you Very Important People. So much so, that we spend our days dreaming up and creating out-of-the-box ideas for our customers to choose from... read more

Spooky Tea Party: An elegant, yet creepy affair!

Last year, we hosted a Spooky Tea Party in preparation for Halloween. We played eerie music (I recommend some organ tunes) and dressed in dark colors... read more

DIY Halloween Costumes

Getting sick of the same old generic Halloween costumes in a bag that you see in the stores? Whether you're in the process of planning a Halloween party or just attending one, make this the year that you start in your own closet...read more

Mitzvah Chica! An Invitation to Your Future

Planning a bar or bat Mitzvah is an exciting time in a parent's life. Just like planning any life event, bar mitzvah planning takes a lot of time and thought to make it perfect... read more

Birthday Months: Phases of the Moon and Astrological Meanings

The phases of the moon, also known as lunar phases, are the appearance of the moon as it rotates around the Earth. When a person looks in the sky, the look of the moon is affected by how much of it is illuminated by the sun. This is determined by the moons position between the sun and the Earth at a specific phase of its rotation... read more

An Invitation to Explore Latin American Culture: The Quinceanera

For Latino girls, a quinceanera is a special celebration that they look forward to for years. It marks their fifteenth birthday, as well as the important moment when they change from a girl to a woman... read more

Post Graduation: Future Planning Resources

Graduation from any institution is a great accomplishment and shows the hard work and dedication that a student places on achievement. Students should feel a sense of pride and success after completing such an amazing feat... read more

From Wedding Invitations to Websites: What You Can Do With Graphic Design Skills

Graphic design has moved beyond the proverbial "drawing board." It has advanced into the computer age in a big way. Graphic design programs are being utilized by huge corporations and by housewives sitting at home trying to find ways to save and/or make money... read more

A Medieval Wedding

Since the beginning of civilization, societies have regarded wedding ceremonies as sacred for families; however, the freedom to choose a partner did not come until much later. In fact, parents would arrange marriages with their neighbors or other eligible suitors during the medieval period, despite the shift in the way that society saw women and love... read more

Stationery Art Projects For Kids

For centuries people have made all types of art, simply because humans enjoy creating beautiful things. Before we even had pens or paints, early humans would scratch drawings into the sides of caves! The wonderful thing about art is that it can be made by anyone, and appreciated by anyone... read more

An Invitation to Understanding Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Bar and bat mitzvahs are important events in young, Jewish children's lives. Bar mitzvah means "Son of the Commandment" while bat mitzvah means "Daughter of the Commandment."... read more

Hosting a Tea Party | It's tea time!

May 12012

We have some scrumptious ideas for your next gathering. Tea parties have certainly evolved over the years and are more than just an afternoon ritual. They can be formal or informal, extravagant or tastefully simple, and small or large depending on the type of party you're hosting... read more

Custom Stamps | Personalize and share with Stampster!

April 12012

Personalized goodies are just my weakness, so I knew that when Invitation Consultants started carrying Stampster Custom Stamps that I would soon be dreaming up various projects I could use the little device for... read more

Planning a Spring Wedding | Tips for the season of love!

Mar 152012

Spring has always seemed to be the kickoff of wedding season. Winter is finally coming to an end, as flowers and greenery are slowly making their debuts... read more

Personalized Notepads | The Perfect Sorority Gift!

Mar 12012

Sorority events generally have two things in common across the board: t-shirts and presents! Four years out and there is still a drawer in my life full of these things that I have no use for now, but just can't bear to part with... read more

First Communion | Planning a family celebration

Feb 282012

Springtime is the most popular time for First Communion ceremonies and celebrations. Late March is when we first begin seeing orders for communion invitations... read more

Lingerie Bridal Showers | Festive, Feminine & All About the Bride

Feb 142012

If you are looking for an imaginative and unique way to shower a bride-to-be, we delightfully recommend a Lingerie Bridal Shower... read more

The Forecast Calls for a Shower | How to Throw the Perfect Weather Themed Baby Shower!

Feb 92012

Weather themed baby showers remain ever-popular for mommy's-to-be of bouncing baby boys and girls! The theme is a simple and sweet play on the concept of a baby 'shower' and can be easily executed through adorable details... read more

What to expect from Mardi Gras | Let the good times roll!


Mardis Gras is an elaborate celebration that conjures up many different thoughts around the United States and moreover, the world... read more

Stock The Bar Shower | Good friends and good drinks are the ingredients for this bash!


With so many couples out there getting married later in life or living together before the big day, people are always looking to alternatives to the traditional wedding gifts, since they might already have a houseful of dishes, sheets and picture frames... read more

Adoption Announcements | Share your Joy!


Adopting a child is a life-changing experience that cannot be understood until one experiences it for themselves. Adoption stories are all unique and the bonds formed during the process are beyond words. The love, patience and kindness that surround the adoption process... read more

Las Vegas Weddings | A Gamble Worth Taking?


Here at Invitation Consultants, we see invitations for every occasion, but there is one staple that we can count on: Las Vegas Weddings. More than 315 couples get married every day in Vegas, and there are more chapels per mile there than any other city in the United States!.. read more

Couples Wedding Showers | Celebrating a Perfect Pair!


In the past, bridal showers had been considered a women-only event; however more and more grooms are taking part in this festive occasion. The bridal shower typically takes place following the engagement party and should be hosted by someone in the bridal party or close relative... read more

Family Update Cards | Letting them know how you've been, in style!


The days of lengthy, essay-like Christmas letters are over! Sure, Aunt Sally is definitely interested in all of the monuments you saw on your family vacation and Cousin Jack loves hearing about little Molly's spring dance recital, but now there is a more stylish way to share these memories with loved ones... read more

Corporate Holiday Parties | Keeping the mood cheery and the costs down!


When it comes to corporate holiday parties, there are a few different approaches to take. The important thing to remember is why you're having the party in the first place. It's a time to show your employees your appreciation for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year and remind them how much they mean to your company... read more

Planning your Holiday Cocktail Party | Serving up Appetizing Aperitifs this Holiday Season!


Every year the holiday season seems to sneak up on us. One minute it's October and you're putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume - and all of a sudden it's time for your annual holiday soiree!... read more

Not Your Grandmas' Retirement Party | Fun Ideas To Get The Party Started After Retirement


Do you have a friend, relative, boss or co-worker that is nearing retirement? Retiring is such a great accomplishment that is definitely worthy of a celebration. Now that the guest of honor is retired, they can really plan to go out and do all of the things they enjoy without anything holding them back... read more

5 Destination Weddings | Ideas You May Not Have Already Considered


A lot of people dream of their wedding day starting when they are little girls playing dress up with their friends. A common thread to all wedding day dreams is a wonderful groom, your family and friends, the perfect dress and an amazing location... read more

RSVP-ing | How to Get Guests to RSVP to Your Wedding


Having guests reply to your wedding seems simple enough. Mail out your invitation, include your postage-paid RSVP card, sit back and wait. Right? Wrong... read more

Daddy Baby Shower | Because Parenthood is Generally a Two Parent Deal


There has been a growing trend over the past few years where family & friends are beginning to acknowledge an expecting “father” with his own version of a Baby Shower.  And why not?  We don’t want to send to the impending daddy a message that only the mother deserves this celebration...read more

Vegetarians' and Meat Lovers' BBQ | How Can Vegetarians and Meat Lovers Have a BBQ Together?


Well, summer is in full swing and you know what that means...grilling! I know for me, I look forward to grilling all year; but for others this may not be the case. Vegetarians and Vegans often get the short end of the stick when it comes to eating BBQ. A typical BBQ contains hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken and other meat-filled favorites... read more

Kids' Pool Parties | Fabulous ideas for your Summer afternoon events!


Summer is the perfect time for fun and spending your lazy days with family and friends. Relaxing by the pool is practically a state pastime here in Florida, and swimming is a great way to escape the summer heat... read more

Low-Key Bachelorette Parties | Have a Relaxing and Enjoyable Send-Off into Married Life


Lately, I've been hearing a lot about bachelorette parties from co-workers of mine. Whether they are to be a guest at one, planning one, or the proud honoree, they're quite excited for the fun that is sure to await them. Now we all have an idea of what a bachelorette party entails whether we've seen it on tv, attended one, or were just... read more

How to Have a Victorious Valentine's Day | Ideas to Leave You Feeling Loved!


Valentine's Day '10 is rapidly approaching, and some of us may be eagerly looking forward to celebrating love with flowers, candy and maybe a little romance. Unfortunately for the lonely hearts club, this day might not be so uplifting. Whatever you're current relationship status is, don't frown! There are tons of ways to have fun on Valentine's Day, single or spoken for... read more

Preston Bailey Wedding Invitations | Let Color Inspire Your Wedding Story


We are on cloud nine at Invitation Consultants and it's all due to the fabulous new wedding invitations created and inspired by Preston Bailey! An internationally renowned event designer who has crafted beautiful events for so many A-list clients, Preston Bailey takes ordinary to extraordinary with his sumptuous and theatrical "art installations...read more

Themed Birthday Parties for Children | Find Their Style


It's a new year and time for new ages! Kids have always loved turning a new age and welcomed the idea of getting older. They love holding their fingers up and proudly proclaiming their age aloud. My niece, Avery will be turning three this year, and although she's not quite old enough to be choosing party themes, we definitely know what she likes... monkeys!... read more