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Assembling Wedding Invitations

How to Assemble Invitations with Multiple Pieces

How to Assemble Invitations with a Ribbon

Assembly Order

Here is a layout of all invitation pieces in the correct order starting from the back of the envelopes to front flap. The order of the items does not change even if all pieces are not being used.

Addressing Invitations

Invitations may be addressed in several ways. Typically they are handwritten, printed or addressed in calligraphy. Etiquette suggests to avoid using labels.

Outer envelopes should be addressed to guests using the proper titles (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.) Try not to abbreviate names or addresses. The outer envelope has the guests' names and address.

When determining whether to use Ms., Mrs., or Miss, always respect the woman's preference. If it is not known, it is appropriate to use the title "Ms."

Men and women living together who are not married should be addressed with their names on seperate lines.

The inner envelopes should only have the guests' names. It is not gummed so it doesn't seal. You may be formal by writing Mr. and Mrs. William Jones or as informal as Uncle Bill and Aunt Jenny.

*Not all invitations come with inner envelopes.

When specifically inviting children

Young boys up to age seven are given the title as Master. Mr. is used at the age of 18. No title is used between the ages of 7 - 18.

Young girls are given the title Miss. Then when married it changes to Mrs. or Ms. if the woman keeps her birth name.

When to mail out invitations

Guests may be sent an invitation four to eight weeks before the date of your event. Invitations to out of town guests should be sent six to ten weeks before the event. International guests should be sent invitations eight to twelve weeks before the event. This gives your guests time to plan their travel schedule. If you are having your event during a holiday weekend or are having a destination wedding It's better to send the invitations sooner than later. You want to make sure you give your guests ample time to plan for your special day.

You may also want to send out Save the Date announcements prior to the event. This is great for giving travel and accommodation information in advance for your guest's convenience. Save the date announcements should be sent out at least four to twelve months prior to your event.

Do I need extra postage on my invitations?

Your invitations should be weighed for postage before mailing. When items are added to the envelopes, the weight can increase. Also, special shaped invitations, such as square and oversized, may require additional postage. For more information regarding postage rates and fees, please visit www.usps.com or contact your local post office.

Mailing your invitations

If your invitations have a bow, ribbon, or anything that is three dimensional be sure to ask the Post Office to hand stamp your envelopes, instead of the invitations going through the machines since this might tear them.