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CEO + Founder, Invitation Consultants, Inc

Born in New York City and raised in Miami Beach, Allison dreamed of becoming an entertainment lawyer. She majored in business because she thought it would be a good foundation for law. She studied at Boston University's School of Management before finishing her degree at the University of Tampa. To her surprise she fell in love with everything business and took a different path. She then earned her MBA. Allison's work experience includes marketing communications and public relations. She considers her areas of expertise to be: organizational management, product development and change management. In March of 1999, Allison left the corporate world to start her own business. She started Invitation Consultants with a laptop, yellow pad of notes and a sparkle in her eye... and never looked back.

Allison's main focus is to maintain a company culture steeped in creativity, teamwork, service and out-of-the-box thinking. Fun is always present at Invitation Consultants and can be seen at their craft days, sketching afternoons and monthly luncheons which usually involve movie trivia. Allison has grown Invitation Consultants to be a unique place of opportunity for designers as well as those creative minded individuals who want to be in an innovative and challenging environment where things are always changing and growth is not a noun but a state of mind. Allison's methodology for running the company centers around lessons she learned from case studies, Organizational Behavior classes, and a wonderful teaching experience she had at a little Korean school in Dallas.

She enjoys spending her free time traveling with her family, watching chick flicks, listening to 80's music, collecting interior design books, walking, reading magazines, dreaming of invitations, touring universities and working on interior design projects that focus on rustic chic and modern vintage decor. She and her husband have three children and four chickens.

She is working on a very exciting new project, writing a book about my her as an entrepreneur. She also started writing an author's blog.