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Production Manager, Invitation Consultants, Inc

Courtney was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Her creative side became evident early on as her bedroom walls were filled with construction paper crafts and her scrapbook grew thicker. Art classes were always a part of her life and when it came time choose a major, History of Art and Architecture seemed like a natural fit. After graduating from Miami University and taking some post-grad classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, she began working for a boutique letterpress invitation company in Los Angeles and completely fell in love with all things paper. A move to Tampa was suddenly in her future, it seemed like fate when she spotted the opening at Invitation Consultants while perusing the blogs one day.

Since starting at IC, she has learned more everyday about the world of digital printing and design, and found her place with both the creative and the production teams. Her time with the design team is spent doing anything from perfecting web images to hand painting motifs for invitations. The production time could consist of running press samples or quality checking customer orders before they're shipped. Between the noisy production room and her overflowing desk, Courtney follows product from its development to delivery and brings her passion for paper to every step.