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Veeps, Invitation Consultants, Inc

Olivier was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium and studied at UFSIA where he received his Bachelor's degree in Commercial Engineering and Master's in Business Administration. After studying abroad in Dallas, he decided that the US was where he wanted to start his career. Olivier started his career as an IT Consultant for a large firm and worked at Fortune 500 companies implementing SAP and Oracle.

In 2002, he joined his wife, Allison, full-time at Invitation Consultants, even though he had been helping her since the business began in March of 1999.

As Vice President of Invitation Consultants, he manages various areas with his main focus being information technology. His approach to IT is combining creativity with logic. His out-of-the-box thinking has led the company to become a leader in the industry. Olivier has the ability to seamlessly float between managing customer service, being asked about color and pattern combinations, and tackling code. His profound view of strategy guides the company in achieving even its far-reaching goals.

In his spare time he enjoys sailing, reading, traveling, carpentry, Tae Kwan Do (he is 3rd degree black belt) and hanging out with his wife and three kids.