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Printing in Foreign Languages

Hello, Hola, Shalom, Guten Tag!

We can print your wording in any language. For some languages, we may require you to provide us print-ready artwork, because we do not have characters from all languages available to us.

Roman Alphabet (e.g. Spanish, French, etc.)

How do I give you my wording?

Enter your wording in our online order form exactly how you would like it to appear. Please include all the necessary accents.


There is no extra charge for printing in a foreign language using a Roman alphabet (e.g. Spanish, French, etc.). However, we are unable to proofread in any language other than English.

Non-Roman lettering (e.g. Chinese, Russian, Greek, etc.)

How do I give you my wording?

You would need to provide us with your wording in a print-ready PDF format. Please specify this in the Special Requests section of the online order form. *Hebrew names only, do not require a PDF, see our Hebrew section for more info.


There is $20 charge for printing in a foreign language using a Non-Roman lettering (e.g. Chinese, Russian, Greek, etc.).

When sending your PDF of foreign language wording

Please e-mail your wording to hello@invitationconsultants.com as a high-resolution .PDF document. The .PDF document must be print ready and cannot be printed if it is a low resolution, or too small. Please type your order number into the e-mail subject line. Your wording will be printed exactly as we receive it (in the font used in your file). Any accents that do not show up on your .PDF will not be printed. We cannot accept faxed non-English wording.

For more information on how to submit your wording/artwork please click here

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