DIY Halloween Costumes

Start from your closet and get creative!


Getting sick of the same old generic Halloween costumes in a bag that you see in the stores? Whether you're in the process of planning a Halloween party or just attending one, make this the year that you start in your own closet (or garage, or craft drawer). Whether you're looking for costume ideas for yourself or the kiddos, tapping into your crafty side creates endless costume opportunities that start right at home!

{A Picnic Table} When I was a kid, one of my best friends wore this costume and it has always been one of my favorites! Start by using a card board box that has one sealed end still and cut off the hanging flaps of the other opening. Cut a hole big enough for your head out of the sealed side that will become the top of the table, and depending on how big your box is, you may or may not need arm holes in the sides. Cover and glue down a classic patterned tablecloth and then set your table by gluing on things like plastic silverware, paper plates, a wicker picnic basket and plastic food. The best part about my friend's costume? Little plastic ants glued marching up the back side of the table!

{A Little Lamb} This costume starts with a simple black shirt and black leggings as a foundation for many, many cotton balls! Just glue them all over the center of the front and back of the shirt like a vest and cover the hood or hat. Using black felt or construction paper, cut out some little black ear shapes and attach them to the sides of the hat and use black face paint to paint on a black nose.

{Snooki} Figures of pop culture are always a good idea and generally pretty easy to put together. Halloween is bound to be full of guidos and guidettes thanks to the cast of Jersey Shore. Snooki definitely has a style that's all her own and makes for a perfect costume. Find a dress that's short, tight and has animal print or rhinestones (bonus if you can find all four of those). Re-create her signature poof with some hairspray and clips or pick up a set of Bump-its for some help with the height. Cover some drugstore shades with rhinestones and apply the fake tan (the darker the better) and you're set for your wild night of fist pumping.

{Plastic Surgeon} Personally I think some of the best costumes are the really clever ones. Think play on words. For this costume, all you need is a white lab coat or something that looks like one and old dolls or just some that you can take apart without devastating any little girls. Use a hot glue gun to attach the doll parts to the coat and scrounge up and medical tools or medical toys to fill your pockets. For an added Halloween accessory, throw on some blood splatters!

{Your High School Gym Teacher} Clearly by 'your' I mean everyone's high school gym teacher. No matter where you went to school or what grade it was in, everyone will know exactly who you are supposed to be! The outfit options are endless: nylon shorts pulled up a little too high, those Reebok high tops with Velcro around the ankle, bright colored wind suits, ZUBAS! Add a sweatband, whistle and clipboard and you can start lining up dodgeball teams.

So get your Halloween party invitations ordered and warm up your glue guns! You'll be ready for the spookiest day of the year in no time!