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Choosing the right flowers for your wedding

For many brides, choosing the flowers for a wedding can be a major decision. Some brides opt for a non-floral focus, while others want show stopping blooms. There are countless ways to use flowers in creative ways. Let�s get started.

There are many factors one must take into account when planning flowers for an event. First and foremost, determine a budget. This will allow for careful planning and knowing what�s possible. Peruse wedding magazine and blogs for must-use flowers versus ones that can be used sparsely in bouquets and centerpieces. Knowing which flowers should be the focus will allow a florist to generate ideas on how to save on money while achieving an overall look. The time of year will also be a huge deciding factor. Choose flowers seasonally. Money spent on what�s actually available means less ordering from faraway places, which can be budget friendly.

Another moving part that goes along with floral selection is coordinating flowers for a certain color scheme. Determining a two to three color palette can help define what flowers might look best for your event. Colors chosen should compliment everything from a wedding gown, to bridesmaid dresses, to the venue location. Vivid flowers against a white gown are a stunning choice because they will pop in photographs, whereas some brides lean towards an all neutral palette that accessorize, but aren�t necessarily prominent. Thinking about photography and what needs to stand out in the shot can help determine color options. If color is not a focal point, choosing bright varieties is not necessarily best. Conversely, if color is important to the overall vision, it is important that they harmonize with the chosen hues in a noticeable way.

Finally, if flowers are a spotlight of the event, choose floral wedding invitations to match your ideas. There are petals of every variety that are translated to paper. From roses, to calla lilies, to daisies, take popular choices from bouquets and arrangements and coordinate with the details of your wedding. Let flowers set the tone of your event from start to finish with floral wedding invitations and save the dates. Carry the themes throughout programs, place cards, and wedding favors. Guests will appreciate attention to detail.

About our Floral Wedding Invitations

From roses to calla lilies and from cherry blossoms to daisies, there is a flower for everyone. The calla lilly, a symbol of serenity and beauty, is a fabulous flower to adorn your wedding invitation. Choose a single flower or a few to represent the fresh start of this new beginning. Also, the cherry blossom is a symbolic and beautiful flower. What is more beautiful than a single flower? The answer is a bouquet of flowers. Whether you are choosing a bouquet of one type of flower or a mix of flowers, these invitations are blooming with delight. Consider taking a unique twist on a classic icon. Bursts of color & abstract floral representation are also present on these floral invitations.

Petals of all shapes and colors decorate these wedding invitations. Create an elegant ambiance with roses, calla lilies, daisies and more. Flowers are a wonderful way to invite your guests. The soft and delicate nature of flowers lends itself well to spring and summer weddings. Find your favorite today. Shop New Wedding Invitations

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