Graduation Time - What's Next?


Graduation Time - What's Next?

Since the age of five, children have gone to school to learn about various academic disciplines. Children learned to read, write and began to examine various areas of education such as Science, Math, English and much more. During that time, they also made new friends and participated in extracurricular activities such as sports, participating in band, chorus, debate club, theater and many more. All of these activities and classes were meant to prepare our children for the next steps in their lives.

However, once children graduate from high school they are faced with many choices about the career path that they are looking to follow. For many students, they need to take time to consider their options and decide what to do. Many of these students decide to enter the work force to make some money and often will enter college at a later date once they decide on the course of students. For many others, they look to enter the military. Many students find the military to be a good place to go and once they are out decide to continue their education. And, a large percentage of high school graduates will continue either education through either a technical, two-year or four-year college.

Regardless of the path they select, it is important for all students to have an idea of the career path that they wish to take. Whether they chose to follow the steps of a family business or wish to be a doctor, it is imperative that they consider the paths they take. To help determine that path, here is some information on the questions that high school graduates will need to answer.

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