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Celebrating a Grand Opening for Business Relocation

Relocating a business is a long and trying process. The owners must jump through all sorts of hoops before the new location can finally be opened and begin functioning. However, when this momentous occasion arrives, it should be one of great celebration and happiness.

Invite the Community. Though there are not really any formal invitations to be sent out for a business opening, it is a great idea to invite the surrounding community and old customers to come to the new location when it opens. One way to do this is by handing out fliers and hanging posters around the town. Let all of the previous customers know that the business is not shutting down, just moving. Then tell them when and where to come to the new place.

A great way to encourage people to come is to provide an incentive. Put a free coupon for something on the fliers. Make sure they know it is only valid on the day of the opening, so if they want their free milkshake, or whatever it is, they better come that day.

Go Big. On TV especially, big openings of businesses are often celebrated with a red ribbon cutting. Though this may seem cliché, it is an awesome photo opportunity and a fun way to get people excited about entering the new building for the first time. So, go big. Have a raffle to see who gets to cut the ribbon; all proceeds from the raffle tickets will go towards the new building.

Plus, make sure there is food. If there are free refreshments, people will undoubtedly be there. Perhaps the store is a bakery. Well, have some samples of the cakes and such out in the food line for people to taste. This greatly boosts the chances of getting new customers. Whatever the business or location, make sure the grand opening is truly grand and future success is almost a guarantee.

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Celebrate the grand opening of your company, store, salon or restaurant. Toast to your future success with wine, martini or champagne designs on your grand opening invitations. Consider simple borders to make a classic and simple statement on these grand opening invitations. Subtle borders and design elements create traditional invitations with clean lines. Don't forget about stars and swirls, so roll out the red carpet for your guests at your grand opening. Your company, store or restaurant is the shining star on this day. Another unique idea is admission ticket invitations. Be unique and invite guests to your grand opening with invitations in the shape of admission tickets. Grab their attention and have them place your event on their calendar as the hot ticket in town.

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