Happy Chinese New Year!

Ring in the Year of the Snake with traditional celebrations

By Amy

Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese holiday of the year. It's just around the corner, this year taking place on February 10. The date of the holiday rotates, since it is based on the lunar calendar. The Chinese New Year celebration lasts fifteen days, ending with the Lantern Festival.

The holiday is typically celebrated by having a reunion of extended family members, a lantern festival, gifts, a parade and fireworks.

Another tradition of the holiday is to clean the family home, so as to cleanse it of any bad fortune, and to make way for the new year's good luck! This could be the inspiration behind the western idea of "spring cleaning!"

Red is the traditional color for the holiday, symbolizing good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity. Many families will decorate their home's windows and doors with red during the celebration, as well as exchange gifts in red envelopes.

We suggest sending Chinese New Year greeting cards to wish your family and friends good luck in the new year!