New Year Cards


Every year, we promise ourselves that next year we'll start holiday shopping earlier, start cooking Christmas dinner earlier and order our holiday cards earlier! There's just something about getting caught up in the holiday spirit that makes us forget our holiday responsibilities! Never fear, if the Christmas and Hanukah snuck by and your family photo is still waiting to be placed on a card, wish your friends and family a happy New Year instead!

There are a few different types of cards you can send to ring in the New Year too. The first option you have is the calendar card! With or without family photos, your loved ones can display your card for a whole year without people thinking they just don't take down their holiday decorations. It's useful and thoughtful all at the same time! You could also send the traditional type of photo card you wanted to for the holidays and just alter the message a little. The sentiment is the same, so the card can be too! Finally, you can always go with the no photo New Year card. Everyone would appreciate you sending a not just to say, "We hope you had a great year and we hope you have an even better one next year!"

If you think you missed the holiday card timeframe, think again! It's really never too late to send good wishes to your friends and family so why not wish them well as you embark on a new year? All you have to do is decide if you would like to send a calendar card, photo New Year card or simple New Year card and get your mailing list ready. This is one of those instances in life where it really is the thought that counts, not so much the timing. Let your loved knows know they're loved by sending them your best this holiday season with a New Years card!