Pet Birth Announcements

Share the News of a Furry Family Member


Throughout the years, pets have become increasingly important in a family's life. Showcasing dogs, cats, and other little creatures is an ongoing trend in the special occasion and stationery industry. Sending pet holiday cards and including the little ones in a wedding ceremony is the norm these days. Families want to show that their pets are just as important to them as their human family members, because in fact, they are!

Just like a newborn baby, families can now showcase their newest addition with a pet birth announcement or pet adoption announcement. Including a photo with personalized wording focusing on the pet's name is the most popular way to share the good news. Add in fun facts about your pet, for example: what type of dog it is, a little story of where you found him or her, or how much the pet weighs vs. how much you expect them to weigh.

An interesting way to spin your announcement is to tie it in with a holiday. New Year Pet Birth Announcements are a great way to wish the ones you care about a happy new year and to let them know you've got something new to share, as well. 'New Year! New Pup!' is a creative tagline to typeset your announcement. We also love the idea of a Valentine's Day card with a furry friend or Thanksgiving holiday card to show that you're thankful for your pet too. Take any card designed for a human and personalize it with a pet instead.

Allow your pet to commemorate every holiday with you. Pet Birth Announcements are a fabulous start to sharing a lifetime of memories with your animal. Share your joy with family and friends by sending an adoption announcement for your new pet. Whether you have a perky puppy or cuddly cat, purrfect announcements will make tails wag! No bones, we give them two paws up!