Sample Wording

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Reception Cards Wording

Reception Cards Verse 1

The pleasure of your company
is requested
at the Reception
immediately following the ceremony
San Bay Yacht Club
Los Angeles, California

Reception Cards Verse 2

To help us celebrate,
please join us for the Reception
at seven o'clock in the evening
Glen Oaks Club
Smithtown, New York

Reception Cards Verse 3

Please join us for
Dinner and Dancing
at seven o'clock in the evening
Lee's Restaurant at Waterside
7756 Waterside Road

Reception Cards Verse 4

Dinner Reception
to be held following ceremony
Old Mill Restaurant
11 Bayside Highway

Reception Cards Verse 5

Reception immediately following ceremony
Bayside Inn Resort
688 Bayside Boulevard

Reception Cards Verse 6

Please join us
as we celebrate the union
of our lives and our families
Reception to follow the ceremony
Biltmore Country Club
25 Biltmore Boulevard

Reception Cards Verse 7

The celebration continues
with a reception luncheon for
Bob and Teresa
1:00 pm
Terrace Cafe
11 West Village Street

Reception Cards Verse 8

following the ceremony
at the home of
Tom and Ellen Morgan
4676 Northside Road

Reception Cards Verse 9

following the ceremony
Manes Tavern Restaurant
2023 Hillsborough Avenue

Reception Cards Verse 10

Join us for a reception
celebrating the 25th Anniversary
of Betty and Thomas Jones
5:00 pm
Westfield Plaza Restaurant

Reception Cards Verse 11

Lunch will follow the ceremony
at Bonefish Island Grill
7546 Island Way
Laurel Beach, California

Reception Cards Verse 12

Adult Cocktail and
Dinner Reception
at five o'clock in the evening
The Rivertree Valley Hotel
4688 Makeway Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina

Reception Cards Verse 13

Hors d'oeuvres Reception and Dance immediately following the ceremony
Lakeview Center Lodge
2855 Platt Avenue
Nisswa, Minnesota 56468

Reception Cards Verse 14

The Celebration Continues...
Reception immediately following the ceremony
Owaonna Country Club
1991 Lannond Road
Owatonna, Minnesota 55060

Reception Cards Verse 15

Dine . Dance . Celebrate
at 2:00 p.m.
Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club
789 Florida Street
Tampa, FL