Sample Wording

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Moving Wording

Moving Announcement Verse 1

We've packed up boxes,
lamps, and chairs...
our home is somewhere new.
We couldn't leave and settle in without telling you
Sarah, James, Patrick, Kelly, and Fluffy Samson
11004 Hyde Park Lane
Thomasville, Georgia 33333

Moving Announcement Verse 2

Can't stop now
the truck is on its way
to Biloxi
our new place to stay
Jenny and Peter
52355 River Way
Biloxi, MS 33333

Moving Announcement Verse 3

We've moved again
but we haven't traveled far,
and we're sending you a note
so you'll know where we are!
John and Kim Flinch
are now residing at
5568 Camphor Lane
Panama, FL

Moving Announcement Verse 4

The address is different, the keys are new,
but the door is always open for friends like you!

Brian, Larissa and Amelia Kennedy now live at
79 Sunset Drive
Glendale, California 91205

Come visit us sometime or give us a call!

Moving Announcement Verse 5

We’ve moved into
our new house!

1973 Milestone Avenue
Manchester, New Hampshire 03102

Deb and brad Wilcox

Moving Announcement Verse 6

We Have a New Address:

As of August 31st,
we will be residing at
158 Beecher Road NW
Topexa, Kansas 66618
Telephone (913) 555-4618

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Sharp and Family

Moving Announcement Verse 7

We outgrew our house
There wasn’t enough space
We hope you’ll come to visit
and see our new place!

Our new address is
1801 South Arizona Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14255
(785) 232-9306

James, Cindy & Gregory Richards

Moving Announcement Verse 8

A job offer came,
now life will never be the same!
I am off to Chicago, a brand new place.
Here is the address of my space…
Alicia Godfrey
436 Kuser Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 54321